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Demons Online 2.0 was released 23.10.2018.

Here you can download client: DOWLOAD CLIENT    – Version 2000

You can make account for game in 2 ways:
1) When you start game via file DEMONS ONLINE 2.0 START.exe after autopatching done, LoginTool will open (remember to add it to exceptions to be not deleted) – inside logintool you will see big form to create account.
2) On website: CONTACT FORM

Download it -> Install -> add LT.exe file from game folder to exceptions (details below!) -> START Game via file “DEMONS ONLINE 2.0 START.exe

link to download LoginTool (in case your antyvir etc deleted it): DOWNLOAD LOGIN TOOL

Current version of LoginTool is just BETA! In time we will provide better one – as well without strange fonts.

Login Tool technical explanation:
Login Tool tasks are: update important client files + provide security for game + make possible to connect to our server by encrypting/decrypting game packets.
Because of these tasks, unfortunately some antiviruses and antymalwares can take it as dangerous/suspicious file. Dont worry You are safe! We ensured about this!
In order to not lose file LT.exe (can be deleted or quarantined) please add it or even whole game folder to EXCEPTIONS depending on your antyvir and antymalware software! This is important to be calm while playing 😉

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