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Below we will try to keep updating details considering certain DEMON TYPES and their growth under certain amount of composes.

We starting from providing info about demons obtainable via Divine Stones – as are most needed for start. Later we will try to provide more examples 😉

Some explanation on beginning:
* All demons are rising in attributes under OWN rules – there are no pretty same demons rising exactly same way in amount and worth of attributes!
* Some demons that rising in all attributes will gain these attributes little less then the specializing demons in just few chosen ones! Still they compose capability will not be better or worse – just different way of tactic for your game play needs!
* Some demons that rising in less attributes can gain additionally little more stars of worth after same amount of composes – example: Spirit.Sword demon after like 200 composes can be worth 10* more then demon e.g. Dwarf King that rising in all attributes. Thats not same like this for all pets to be clear! Still some demons just get extra BP instead of additional attributes like others 😉
* ALL listed below examples were composed fully by HAND with usage of Clovers! There were no additional usages of orbs etc to total! Just raw composing using universalXO and clovers!
* After bigger amounts of composes – differences between demons mostly will remain stable! Meaning if demon rising more in stars then other – it will not be continued this way till the end – just on some point they will start gain similar amounts of star points worth after each compose!
* Some examples might be showing stars differences +1* or -1* – simply some examples here was presented with THUNDER race (which provide additional +1 star on pet) and some not 😉









Example 50 composes with clover and without – difference in fitst 50 composes mainly:

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