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Dear players in this topic we would like to ask for help.

There are some parts in which we would to see Your involvement in order to make game better – of course nothing for free πŸ˜‰
For this we are making this BOUNTY section where certain tasks will be available as to do with certain reward to grab πŸ™‚ So lets start it:



MOVIES from Demons Online 2.0 game.
Details: Task is easy – your aim is to make some movies from gameplay – showing more less how our server looks inside. Then just post this video on youtube and any other similar service with proper ways to be not lost in transactions πŸ™‚
Some useful tips when uploading on youtube promo videos:
* put some nice tags characteristic for this game type
* Make longer movie then just a minute – movies on youtube gaining better scores when total time watched is big enough – so dont worry on making videos from own game-play lasting even 10 minutes or just even example guides of how to achieve or do something nice in game πŸ™‚
* Make first 15 seconds as best attracting as possible – yes in order to get someone interested its good to show what they will see in first seconds of movie – thats important πŸ˜‰
* Keywords/Tags – add under title at least 1 most important keyword such as: eudemons, demons online etc – be creative πŸ™‚
* Attract watchers to LIKE your video πŸ™‚ will not only boost your profile but will make video to be more visible
* Make nice thumbnail on movie instead of random generated if possible…

REWARD: Divine Stones / Composer Shards and other shardsΒ  (as better movies as better gifts!)
How to claim: Just send message via CONTACT form providing in details: in game proper character name + link to uploaded movie(or movies).
Dont worry – even if you feel that dont have enough skills – it will be still great if you even post movie from your gameplay πŸ˜‰

THANKS – best promo video: YOUTUBE MOVIE πŸ™‚
Ethereon Thanks for next movie: YOUTUBE MOVIE



Details: We are currently struggling generally in making proper promotion of our servers. If you have ideas how to make it successful please CONTACT us so we will discuss some good plan. We wish to get to bigger amount of old players and as well new ones.
All good ideas that we can put into realization (by You or us or together) we will reward by proper gifts in game. We really wish to populate our servers like in old times – but we need to find these players somewhere in deep ocean of Internet πŸ™‚

REWARD: Depending on ideas and participation πŸ™‚


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