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– Player can do God Quest form “God Square” in order to become divine and rise in God Levels by hunting at divine lands 😛
– You can start God Task if you reached 110 level and have in possession at least 40* Demon!
– You can advance your demons to divine status only if your character will be under Divine Status (finished God quest) for this you will need: Holy Crystal (obtaiable 1 from divine quest and obtainable via Divine Shop at God Square) + pet with level 110 and min 40*!

– You can grab Divine Quest at God Square from First NPC there (God Square 83:89)
– You can start quest in 4 ways:
* Paying 1.000.000 Gold or 14 EPs to enter Quest map from begining map – your aim will be to reach top under time without touching watchers
* Paying 5.000.000 Gold or 50 EPs to be moved on finish line of quest map
– Quest Map Aims:
* You have 8 minutes to finish the quest (enough to do it in calm without rush! So dont run like crazy)
* Your aim is to slide through watchers and arrive at TOP of the map alive! You Must avoid monsters!
* You cannot Jump! You cannot mount! You cannot use pets! You cannot use teleporters or memory Eyes etc…
* At the finish line after hitting NPC you will be promoted and moved back to Gods Square with reward 😉

At God Square there are 2 shops on left side of map. You can use God Soul Shards (that you can obtain by hunting ad divine lands) to grab stuff from there! These items are mostly usable for gear growth!

Currently there are 3 Divine Lands with monsters and bosses inside.
Elysium – available from 1st god level – monsters power between 120-155. Boss = Minotaur visible on minimap when spawned. This map grants Divine Exp.
Bloom garden – available from 20 god level – monsters power between 150-180. Boss = Hydra visible on minimap when spawned. This map grants Divine Exp.
Ragnarok – available from 30 god level – monsters power are 170-200. Boss = Cerberus visible on minimap. This map Grants BOTH normal and divine Exp.

Divine lands monsters exp gain and drop rise along with monsters powers – obviously!

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