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Focus land is one of the daily tasks that player can do max 2 times per day. Aim of this activity is very simple – you will be teleported into treasure island with sleeping monsters. You need to slide through monsters from one side to another side of land – without being touched by them! In the way of crossing island – you will be finding treasure chests containing different kind of valuable items. In order to finish map in 100% you will have to find All treasures! So searching properly map is a must. Your time is 10 minutes only – you can die unlimited times on this map – but remember that every death means lose of valuable time! So be careful – be focused and be rich from rewards!

– many kind of shards: casual shards, mount shards, egg shards, item shards, skin shards…
– Starlit Jewel
– Lunar Jewel
– Refined Beryl
– Refined Citrine
– EPs~Bag(100~EPs)
– EPs~Bag(500~EPs)
– RedStone Pack (5pack)

Minimum Level = 110
GPP minimum = 10
God minimum = 5





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