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GPP – Global Player Power


GPP – Global Player Power has been developed in order to bring better order on server. Players daily actions aimed to increase level, godlvl, BP, goddesslvl and even total kills – all these factors contain own worth in points. Summary of these points making player GPP amount.


LEVEL: under 110lvl=0, 110-120 +1, 120-125 +2, every 1 lvl over 125 +2 GPP.
GOD Level: first 10 lvl +1 , between 11-20 +2, every 2 lvls over 20glvl provide +1GPP.
TOTAL KILLS – 20k kill +1 GPP, 50k +1 , 200k +1 and every next 200k +1.
Goddess levels: Every 4 Goddess Phases provide +1 GPP.
Max BP stored on Character: Every 100 BP provide +1 GPP.


GPP affecting:
– ability to participate in Faith Tomb Task
– ability to participate in Focus land Task
– ability to get into certain rankings
– PKT cap (GPP will be main cap divider)
– Event Voting (…)
– more…



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