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    Alright, this thread was created to deal with legion war update and progress that started to be updated few weeks ago and is planned to be closed in one of next Legion Wars …

    so lets start.

    Tomorrow (26.11.2010) during Legion War we wish everyone to test present setup of:
    Legion Shield (was upgraded under HP and was on extreme shouldn’t be happening anything like undestructable..)
    Legion Pole (was upgraded under HP)
    Gates (upgrade under possible HP)

    now what we need:
    We need confirmation if current setting is working fine (meaning LW does not finish before time or last to long).
    We need to know how long more less last the LW

    What we suggest:
    basing on what we receive under information – we can suggest to put into LW:
    – more or grater Walls (Doors) to prevent from entering legion land to easily…
    – additional blocks near legion poles or legion shields (for example auto regenerating) and in same time we can lower little sheild or/and pole … ?
    – some additonal functions that could spark it there

    in this moment we would like to hear if someone as any cool idea of putting something here 😉

    From next week (if tomorrow wont be any surprize) we will implement new rewards (and sytems) into Legion War as graifications (this one is almost finished but we all way delaying this because of the tries to change LW into something more attractive and not easy/obvious)

    So yea, we will be gratefull for all cool info from participations 😉
    Please post everyone here info;)


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