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Gain Land can be accessed by normal hunting. This means while killing monsters everywhere you will have chance to teleport there automatically.
On entry you will have few options:
– Click on main NPC and move back to cronus instantly if wish
– Jump to bottom islands to find 1 proper fro m 3 randomly spawned totems in order to gain cool reward and be teleported back to place from where you were taken
– find any totem and click it so you will be moved back to spot from whic you were taken – no rewards given if hit on wrong NPC
– You have 3 minutes to find PROPER Totem (this should be more then enough ;))
– Time of checking totems for reward round between 10-20 seconds!

YOUR AIM: Jump to find PROPER TOTEM for which you will receive super reward!

– Level 80 to enter
– at least 200 KIlls at anty cheater amount – rest is random chance to get there
– You Must have Cavalier appointted at Knights in order to be able to JUMP there!

NPCs at Gainer Land:
there are 4 types of NPCs there:
– Ent Kig – able to teleport you back to Cronus
– SP pills – you can gather them to receive +100 SP
– 2 Wrong Totems – no rewards – just teleporting back to taken spot!
– 1 Proper totem – providing great rewards

Possible REWARDS: 
– 100 x Composer Shards
– 100 x Casual Shards
– 100 x Mount Eggs Shards
– 500 x Item|Gear Shards
– 10 x SpecialExpBalls
– 12* UniversalXO



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