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Beast Horns are used obviously to spawn Bosses/beasts/DivineBeasts. Horns can be used only at special maps for this action – Slayer Lands! Slayer Lands can be entered from market(276:445).

– There are 20 slayer lands maps – so at one time can be 20 participants
– each slayer land can be used by Not more then 1 player!
– After entering Slayer Land player has exactly 30 minutes to do his work – after this time will be moved out. Yes can later enter again – But must remember that if any monsters left on previous – can be not found later as entering maps is random!
– Every horn has 1-3 minutes usage delay!
– Horns can be obtained via Seth Shop and additionally via different ways (Beast Drops and not only).
– There are 2 types of each horn – tradable and Not Tradable!

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