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GUIDE I: Leveling Your Character to Level 125

Leveling your character helps you gain easy advantage in attaining items faster. In Demons Online, the maximum level is 150. And right now, I will show you how to easily get to level 125 easily.

First thing first, if you are over  level 125. This guide is not for you, but if you are below 125. Feel free to continue reading this guide.

No matter what class you are in, in demons online, you can achieve level 125 in less than 2 hours. Maybe you can even do it faster than me. Without further I do, let’s start your leveling journey.

In this article, we will be leveling our character by gap.

  • Leveling to 20
  • Leveling to 50
  • Leveling to 90
  • Level Break
  • Leveling to 110
  • Leveling to 125

Leveling Your Character from Level 1 to Level 20

Like I have said, it is easy to level your character. First thing first, use the Treble exp potion in your inventory by right clicking it. You will gain 3x experience for 60-minutes.
Everyday for logging into the game your character will receive free goodies (some PPs and items) directly on mail:

Use the Exp stone item from gift to level up some levels or just head outside Cronus, and start hitting monster with or without skills. You will level quickly after killing your first monster or MadBull. Continue doing this until you reach level 15. Yes, just level 15 at this moment. It is very easy to reach level 15, once done. Use your map by pressing letter “m” or using the icon “world” near your mini map.

From time to time, your xp bar will be 100% full and you will have option to select an xp skill. Use that xp skill when your xp bar reaches 100% (XP bar is loading automatically in time or you can bring it to max with XP booster item – dont be afraid of using them). You will notice it one it shines on your bottom screen and giving you some skill options to use. To use your selected skill, keep right clicking to the monster.

Continue going to the very bottom right until you reach a portal and at the same time reaching level 20. This will ensure that you can kill the monster on the next map easily as well.

Total training time: 5 minutes.

Leveling Your Character from Level 21 to Level 50

Welcome to Misty Marsh, where you will be spending level 21 to 50.

Go ahead and open your inventory, you will notice a purple item called XP Booster this will boost your xp bar to 100%. If you haven’t got any item or that item can’t be found on your inventory, check the red dot in your upper right panel near the mini map. Click that icon and select your daily reward. Yes, this is a daily reward and all you need to do is login everyday to claim it.

Right click that item, and you should see another set of skills on the bottom right of your screen right click any skill that you like (don’t worry,  you can repeat these process until you find a suitable skill for you). Remember our target here is to kill more monster per xp skill.

Use XP Booster item wisely. Meaning you have to use it where there are hundreds of mobs around you as your aim to kill more than a hundred mobs per xp skill. The more you kill the better.

Total training time: 10 minutes.

Leveling Your Character from Level 51 to Level 90

You can still level up in Misty Marsh until level 110, however, it will take a while. I suggest find a way to go to Gobi Desert, the easiest route is to teleport to town and use Pathfinding to find a teleporter and ask to teleport you in Gobi Desert. The other way is use the portal in the bottom left corner of the map. You can easily spot it by a yellow point in the map.

The best spot to level is on the  Golem, the white area on right part of the map and on the bottom left side of the map. You can use a random portal which is in your bag. Additionally, you earn items each 10 levels. Items you receive are automatically added into your bag.

Make sure that you are still using under the exp potion, you can see a 2x icon above  your character indicating that it is still active. If not, you can use the 2x potion that is still in your bag.

Level at Gobi Desert until you reach Level 90 and go back to Cronus.

Total training time: 25 minutes.

Level Break

Since you have been leveling from Level 1 to Level 90, you need to pause for a while. You need to start composing your 2 pets. Don’t worry, right now we only need 20+ stars to aide you in your next level venture. Right now you have enough items to start composing your pets to 20+ stars.

Also, check out your inventory especially on your shards panel and check if you have enough Item|Gear Shards, you need at least 3000 Item Gear Shards, the 2K is for the God Eudemon Stone which allows you to summon additional eudemons and the remaining 100 Item gear shards is for you to buy enough xp booster. You can find these items under one NPC. These NPCs are located for your convenience inside market entrance. Remember that you get a 35* mount, you can use this mount as your 3rd converge pet so that it will add extra battle power. (This mount should be appointed as Acrobat under Knights of The Round Table – so you can use Jump function – especially for Gainer Land)

Note: the first 10 composing of eudemons requires for you to use eudemon crystal. Don’t buy it instead use the free 200 PPs from your earlier reward on the composing.

Total break time: up to you — you may find yourself short with materials to compose or buy xp booster.

Leveling Your Character from Level 91 to Level 110

Now that you are fully equipped and ready to embark for your next journey go ahead and find a teleporter. Ask the NPC to teleport you to Dock -> Catamaze.

In Catamaze, you may find monsters here very hard to kill, that’s why you need to use xp booster to kill them easier and you gain a lot of exp comparing to other maps.

Continue leveling your character until reach level 110. And it’s up to you if you need a break here, or to compose so that you can gain more extra Battle Power

Total training time: 5 minutes.

Leveling Your Character from Level 111 to Level 125

By this time, you should be able to use the equipment given to you while you level at lower levels. Use them to gain more damage and more battle power. Since leveling from level 111 to 125 is the easiest, provided that you use a 10x exp potion you can easily level your character in 15 minutes. This is made possible by using xp booster and random portal; one xp booster is equal to one level and use random portal to find more monster rather than walking.

Total training time: 15 minutes.

Congratulations for making it to Level 125. Now you can start finding shards to find buy and forge better equipments and making your demons/pets stand out to the rest out the player.

GUIDE II: Achieving 20.000 Kills to obtain GPP (Global Player Power)

Aim – slay 20.000 Mobs to gain first GPP points. When You get first GPP you will be able to participate in many events such as Machine Dragon, Seth or do daily tasks such as Faith Tomb or Focus Land!

MORE Guide will arrive Soon 😉 Stay tuned and keep the fun going 🙂

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