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Available Chests with sets from DROPs:

Refined~Fire~Chest -> depending on dfire 1-4 and god lvl when open can get: Chilling~Flame / Natural~Flame / Golden~Blaze / Ocean~Blaze / Ghost~Fire / Falling~Flame / Solar~Fire / Nirvana~Flame
Rare~Fire~Chest -> for Dfire 3 and 4 – depending on dfire level can get: Ghost~Fire / Falling~Flame / Solar~Fire / Nirvana~Flam
Epic~Fire~Chest -> For 4 Dfire -> can get Nirvana~Flame / Solar~Flame

Universal~Flame~Chest -> Dfire lvl 4 – depending on Luck can get Universal Flame set parts with XX attributes
Infernal~Flame~Chest -> Dfire lvl 4 – depending on Luck can get Infernal Flame set parts with XX attributes

Void~Spark~Chest -> Dfire lvl 4 require -> Special Chest for Speecial Set – When opened can provide Void Spark with Extra effect (that can be transfered into other set!)

DROP of chests depending of how high Divine Fire lvl player has! Means lvl 1 Dfire player wont bee able to drop high lvl chest!
Same for Opening chests – when player with Low dfire lvl opening Chest – will get lower results then player who open same chest with higher dfire lvl!There are 2 Maps:
Armageddon – acting as 4th Divine Land. – Mobs has less HP but are Strong in atk!
Divine Marsh – with 4 difficulty stages (depending on DFire lvl of player!) – Mobs has High HP but more reasonable in powers on lower stages!

– map containing monsters between 200k-400k HP with moderate Defense!
– Each 100 mobs slayed on this map will generate XX% God Exp Bonus (so not only by individual kills but by bulk killing you gain additional Exp!
– As harder monster on this map (as deeper inside map) as better chance for better drop (best monsters can drop best chests!)
Arma1 = 3000 Power
Arma2 = 3500 Power
Arma3 = 4300 Power
Arma4 = 5200 Power

– there are 4 Divine Marsh maps – depending on Player Divine Fire lvl and current max BP will be decided where will or can enter.
If player is divine fire lvl 1 then will automatically be teleported to 1st DivineMarsh map level!
If player is divine fire lvl 2 and has max BP under 2,5k amount then can choose if to enter 1st or 2nd Map, otherwise will be automatically placed on 2nd level map
IF player is divine fire lvl 3 and has Max BP under 3,1k amount then can choose if to enter 1-3 maps, otherwise will be automatically placed on 3rd lvl map
If player is divine fire lvl 4 then will be able to choose if to enter Only mal lvl 3 or 4!
– Higher level maps providing ability to find better chests! This means at 1st and 2nd lvl map there are no way to drop chests that handling lvl 3 or 4 dfire! So as better map as better drop type and its CHANCE!
Lvl 1 Divine Marsh = Power 1000-1500 HP: 1.000.000
Lvl 2 Divine Marsh = Power 2000-2500 HP: 2.000.000
Lvl 3 Divine Marsh = Power 3000-3500 HP: 3.000.000
Lvl 4 Divine Marsh = Power 5000-5200 HP: 4.000.000
* Monsters have HIGH HP and great Defense!
– Each Monster killed will provide Big amount of star points as base!

More explanations incoming…

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