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PATCH 2091-2112

UPDATE 09.09.2021:

IN ORDER TO connect to the GAME (09.09.2021) This patch version is a MUST!


Important updates for Caria and more!

Update under autopatching!

Xmas updates…

Update for new lvls limits

PATCH 2086-2090

UPDATE 15.05.2020:
– Dfire Release!

Release: 30.04.2020

– Fix for Wardrobe (hairs that was via GOLD are now via eps priced 50 – hope this wont be for anyone problem heh ;))
* avatars are not burnable via wardrobe – soon will be separate shop for changing avatars 😉
– Fix for SM (at SM currently are listed all pets and mounts presenting their base stats and more info – so all can check there for more details about each to know more what is what ;)) Later SM will receive update with items that wil be obtainable via PPs 😉 (ewentually later we will be making there special priced items events ;))
– CHATS (Broadcasts and other chats) received FILTER! We placed for now starting base of bad and illegal words (obviously this base will be build by adding next step by step – so if anyone see words that should be thre INFORM m or Sweetcandy ;)))
– smalll update on gui part….
– Fixes for Quests



PATCH 2079-2085

Release: 19.04.2020

BIG UPDATE to new Version!

REQUIRED in order to login to game!

PATCH 2078

Release: 13.03.2020

PATCH in order to login – SKILL BACK TO NORMAL!

PATCH 2076

Release: 02.03.2020

Skills update

PATCH 2075

Release: 31.01.2020

skill animation fixes

PATCH 2074

Release: 12.01.2020

skill animation fixes

PATCH 2066-2073

Release: 23.12.2019

BIG UPDATE Containing:
– New Hairs/Avatars/WeaponSkins/Followers/Mounts/Casuals and more…

PATCH 2042-2065

Release: 25.02.2019

LAST Update: 14.12.2019

Skill Bar Fixer

Problem Description: If you having trouble with using skills and items from shortcut skill/item bar (the on on bottom) – like not reacting on anything…
Just download this file Skill Bar Fixer inside your game client and run it.  This should solve the issue.

PATCH 2021-2041

Release: 02.12.2018

Update: 17.02.2019

As long you downloaded recent Client – there is no need to use this patch! So just look at your client version.

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