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PATCH 2064

Release: 1.12.2019

Last part for Archer addon release

PATCH 2063

Release: 26.11.2019

ThanksGiving Event + preparation for Chapters and Archer Addon

PATCH 2061-2062

Release: 02.09.2019

update: 03.09.2019

Skill Bar Fixer

Problem Description: If you having trouble with using skills and items from shortcut skill/item bar (the on on bottom) – like not reacting on anything…
Just download this file Skill Bar Fixer inside your game client and run it.  This should solve the issue.

PATCH 2042-2060

Release: 25.02.2019

Update: 23.07.2019

PATCH 2021-2041

Release: 02.12.2018

Update: 17.02.2019

As long you downloaded recent Client – there is no need to use this patch! So just look at your client version.

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