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– New item EPs Shard  – 10 EPs is always worth 1 EPs Shard. They are Exchangable. EPs shard is just barter shard that will make easier usage of EPs.

– At market you can use EPs SHard shop to buy certain Shards or items
– At market zone you can find 2 NPCs that can buy from you chosen shards amounts for certain price (its YOU who deciding if price is good and wish to sell there!)
– At market NPC you can always exchange EPs for EPs shards and vice versa
Please try to understand this: EPs shard are mainly used to show EPs as item – nothing more … 1 EPs Shard will always be worth 1 EPs! 

– PK Tournaments
– Legion Wars
– Gainer Land possible reward
– From different type of shards sells
– Trades between players (booth sales…)
– Different kind of events
– VIP claims and bonus to donations (small amounts in general)

– AVATARS – at wardrobe
– HAIRS – at wardrobe
– buying gold (28 eps per 2.000.000 GOLD)
– Ressurections (ressurectors + option for instant revive potions buy at legion land – If didnt prepare before entry by buying from market shop with item shards)
– GOD Quest option to pay
– Buy EPs Shards that can be used to obtain other shards and items
– PK ROOM bets fights
– More will arrive





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