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Demons Online 2.0 – Release date: 23.10.2018.

Here you can download client: DOWNLOAD CLIENT



1) You can start the game via few ways:
a) Demons Online LT.exe – Our brand special light Login Tool – you can (should ;)) use it to start the game. LoginTool provides more functions to choose from: Can start game via autopatching or by skipping it(Highly not recommended!). Additionally via logintool you will be able to register and maintain you In game account and use contact form if needed.
b) DEMONS ONLINE 2.0 START.exe – when run via this file – client will at first check if any updates are required for clients (if does will autopatch itself!) then will open Login Screen to the game where you need just input Login and Password.

IF you ever experience Any problems connected with Autopatcher – like cannot connect to autopatch server or something blocking.
You will need to download latest patch by hand here: PATCHES  — In same time you can run game via file inside game folder: SkipAutopatch.exe – it will directly open login screen page of game without autopatching. Please anyway always keep in mind to keep client up to date to avoid problems inside game!

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