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4 times per day everyone are able to participate under one of greatest events! You have 5 attempts that you can use to enter map (you can use it to switch map during 1 event or spread to enter even 4 times during whole day! Your decisions, your plans, your victories!). Machine event offers currently 22 maps – each map can be entered by max 7 players. Each map contain monsters called MachineMinions. Minions when killed can randomly spawn on spot Bone Dragons. Each machine map posses own Points Counter (visible on left side when killing mobs there). When this counter reach 1000 amounts Machine Dragon will born at center of the map. Of course killing monsters along with dragons = loads of gains/drops and even the exp 😉

Machine Minions: level 150/HP=50000/defensless! Power almost none.
Machine Bone Dragon: level 150/HP=150000/GoodDef. Power almost none.
Machine Dragon: level 150/HP=500000/HighDef. Power almost none.
All monsters are able to Hit Fast – so be careful to not stand to long around many mobs!

From all minons and dragons player will be able to obtain: EPs/ComposeShards/Universal3,6,12/SmeltSymbols/Genesis Stone/Talismans/EXP
IMPORTANT: Drop chance rise depending if map is PKable or Not Pkable (as well VIP maps has “slighly” better gain – still difference might be not visible sometimes ;)).

VIP Special:
All VIP7+ players when hunting at VIP7+ event maps will be obtaining additionally Composer Shards into bag!

Last words:
Event is focused on providing HIGH gains! Yes HIGH! Currently NO PKable maps exist – but if players using multiple accounts appear- such maps can dissapear! If players will be spotted that hunt on multiple accounts at this event – will be taken as autoers which wont be tolerable. So please avoid trying doing this. Still if problem appear and persist – additonal anty cheating security will have to be added (for now giving chance for nicer playing without!).


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