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Everyday between 4:00-4:20 and 16:00-16:20 Seth will release from cage. All players will be called to fight him in order to chain back!
In event can participate all players as long have minimum 1 GPP (Global Player Power).
Player task during event is to hit Seth Defenders. Each hit has chance to provide player GOLD + EPs + SethBlood items.
Amount of gains depends on player GPP.

or until Seth HP bars will finish!

– Seth map you can use physical direct attacks and skills
– Map allows to use skills automatically (like on training ground)
– On event: CANNOT Summon Pets / CANNOT Ride Mounts / CANNOT PK / CANNOT Reborn / Will not spend MP/SP while hitting
– Defenders has some chance to fight back – so player will be move out from time to time when hit will arrive – this part is to prevent just standing without actions.

– All items inside SethShop are NOT TRADABLE
– in future might appear more additional items per needs.


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