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UPDATES by dates

Details: Decided to keep updates/changes information that are provided to game in clean separate post= Here 🙂

[*] Tomb of Faith update/adjustment:
– Tomb of Faith is possible to do max 3 times per day by each player.
– Possibility to enter Tomb of Faith depend on player GPP (Global Player Power) Refer to details here: GPP
– Each difficulty require certain amount of GPP to start the instance
– Drop on Faith Tomb little adjusted
[*] FOCUS LAND – New daily task released. Please check more details here: FOCUS LAND
[*] GPP – Global Player Power ranking system – please refer to details here: GPP
[*] GODDESS and SERVANTS. Yes finally released. Please check details here: GODDESS and SERVANTS

[*] Tomb of Faith update/adjustment:
[*] Other small changes aka fixes only here… For now nothig bigger – preparation of bigger patch containing new taks and stuff is being built to provide into game in calm 😉

[*] Tomb of Faith update/adjustment:
– Lowered again monsters and bosses defenses
– Drop upgraded again (more unixes and better provided as minimum reward for boss kill. Remember that as higher difficulty as better unixes are provided and more chance to get more per boss kill)
[*] Elysium update – monsters on elysium little modernized under def and dmg giving (to fit better all classes). First monsters on this map “nearance” are easiest and aimed this way for fresh God status makers.
[*] Hereditary Knight update – SpiritMicah and SpiritSadie will be now possible to appoint as Hereditary Knight under Knight Table! Both demons are available at Egg Shards Shop
[*] Flying Ability activated for chosen mounts: [AVAILABLE WHEN MOUNT achieve 50*!]
GlacialWing, Frostwind, JadeWyvern, MagicAntylope, AlpacaNemo, EagleSorronda, BlazingWing, Emberheart, GoldenPegasus, CrystalPegasus, Skybreaker, EmberWyvern, SacredAntylope, AlpacaNova, ImmortalPhoenix, DragonOzachy, FeatherGalina, Aidos, Laird, PurpleWingDragon, PurpleWingIrena
[*] GEMSTONE FACTORY Update – From today will be possible to Stack Refined GEMS (such as: refined amber. refined amethyst, refined citrines, refined beryls, refined sapphire) to STACK into 10 pack. Since Super gems require 30 refined gems – this 10 stacks should help to save WH/BAG until gathered full 30 😉
[*] Fix for chat isssue – players entering game often happen to be not visible when try to whisper or talk.
[*] Monsters Spawn at Cronus increased.
[*] Auto Exp Gain update – from today exp gaining in automatic way will be happening only when Gods Blessing will be ON (Still auto exping is not used for demons but only on characters)
[*] Fix for MdefPdef Demons under Exp Gaining – will receive EXP like any other demon!
[*] Demons EXP update – exp gained by demons via ExpBalls an Crystals increased (100% on crystals and 35% on expballs).
[*] ICE MAZE Map Upgrade:
– Amount of monsters on ice maze modernized (new added and more)
– Monsters exp boosted – to aim as Exp base map – Current Exp from IceMaze monsters is 2x Exp as Cata monsters!
– Drop under icemaze monsters – pretty same like catamaze etc…
– All icemaze monsters besides providing normal dmg – received: 20% chance on every hit to curse player with Reflection (Reflection status lasting 30 secoonds, during this time all damage provided by player to monsters will be given back in 5% amount). So be careful – dont allow yourself to be hurt!
– All icemaze monsters are under 600 Battle Level – this means player should be at least around 600 BP to grind there!  (Please refer to this topic: PVM DMG – and check current PVM settings basing on BP player and battle level monsters difference!

[*] Tomb of Faith first update/adjustment:
– Defense of monsters/bosses lowered to fit better faster killing
– monsters Look on last stages changed to be less sparky with effect – so wont be making pc/lap stress problems (hope will be enough)
– Drop rate – added additional drop layer to provide way better results on boss kills 😉
[*] Elysium Nearance monsters – little lowered in power …

[*] Compose Shards removed from Donor Shops – decided that there wont be in DS shop option to buy this shard. It was still now limited per amount but now CS wont be there at all.
[*] First Daily task released: TOMB of FAITH – tried to provide today 2 quests but simply doing alone tests + adjustments – its additonal time besides creation that didnt allow me on this 🙁 So for now this first one – and next will be given on Sunday….

[*] Beast Boxes and SUPER AMBERS updaes – as this box was placed for now as first show … gaining super ambers from it way that happend wassnt aimed. Thats why sorry to the few players who used eps to gain all rewards from inside along with super ambers mainly – all super ambers receicved this way was nerfed to Refined – all who won super can request Full EPs back (OR even RED Stones that used to buy them if will wish OR just suggest to be happy in reasonable way) for opening these boxes. Mainly THIS action was taken as bug in some way and for the sake of server future was fixed! Case handled proeperly 🙂
[*] Under Current Drop system only normal boxes (and rarely refined) will drop currently. Boxes will be aimed to be moved as drop from quests and daily tasks 😉 So current grinding and gaining them is kind of preview and event until quests and tasks with them appear (more then soon now) 😉

[*] Inside patch 2021 was introduced new Item type – Saint Blessing +1 and + 5. Its function allows to provide additional reborns on demons along with star points. E.G. Saint Blessing +1 provides to pet +1 additional reborn and +5 Star points – Max usage per 1 pet 1.000 additional reborns – So maximum additional star points per pet from this = 50*.
Item for now is obtainable from certain Boxes under Gods Treasure (mostly BeastBoxes from incomming beasts ;)) type and as PKT possible reward to exchange at PKT shop.
[*] Frost Blast skill update – skill exp required to level up lowered to fit this skill reality 😉
[*] Update for new accounts – on character creation player will be equipped from start with Super quality PP gears – so can use it until be ready to get better one 😉
[*] Ragnarok GOLD drop fix to fit rest maps same rules
[*] Bigger Update under Egg and Divine Egg Shards Shops. All old special pets from Divine Egg Shards shop were moved into Egg Shards shop (priced 1000 egg shards per each). Under Divine Egg Shards Shop will be placed only as additional obtain way most expensive eggs such: Wolf mounts, purple dragon/irena, sorronda, bambowalker, bikes cards… Mainly Divine eggs shards will be alternative way to obtain these eggs besides via normal eggs shards.
[*] Redesign under GemStone FACTORY NPC/SHOP. GEMSTONE Factory will just be dealing with stones and gems upgrades/stacking – New 3 Shops will appear at MARKET ZONE – each shop will be offering some options to exchange RedStones/Violets/Yellows for something else.
[*] BOSS drop again upgraded. Happy Boss Hunting for stones/gems! 🙂
[*] Unix boxes updated under level requirement. All unixes between 3-8* will not require any level. Unix 12* will need lvl 80. Unix 20* lvl 110 and Unix 25* and higher level 125 to open.

Patch 2021
[*] Dragon Dance XP Skill for Necromancer Fix – problem: when player used this XP skill when mounted, when it finished player couldnt see mount until remounted (but other players see the mount). Fix will eliminate this problem – when XP will be over player will sit back on mount properly.
[*] CataMaze will be mountable – so no more problems when umounted there
[*] GOLD DROP Update – old gold drop will no longer stay. New way will drop less gold piles but if will will drop in better amounts depending on maps (on higher maps can drop even few hundred thousand gold per pile!
[*] GAINER LAND updates:
– Time required for searching totems decreased
– After successful move searching – player will be placed back on old spot with FULL XP ready to use right away
[*] Ragnarok map further upgrades. Another redesign under mobs spawns there…
[*] New NPC handling Universals Upgrades. UNIX UPGRADER (at market near Compose NPC) will be possible to upgrade universals from 3* till 25* – so gathering all lower unixes will have proper usage fro everyone (low unixes for easier composing low starred pets – mostly for new players easier) and veterans can gather them for reforge!
[*] New brand Gods Treasure Type boxes implemented to game.
– NewbieBoxes – obtainable from monsters when hunting with lower BP then 400 (exist only on old lands!)
– KillerBoxes – obtainable from monsters on all maps (old lands and divine lands)
– DivineBoxes – obtainable additionally from monsters on Divine Lands
– BeastBoxes – Droppable from all kind of Beasts.
All listed boxes exist in 5 qualities – Normal/Refined/Unique/Elite/Super. As better quality as better possible gain from it. Normal boxes are possible to upgrade to Super at Market Zone (new NPC). For each 12 Normal boxes can be obtained 1 Super – So its player full decision if will wish to upgrade to super or do one by one on lower quality.
All boxes besides NewbieBoxes provided option to buy out All rewards via EPs!
[*] PKT Shops (daily and Weekly) received Updated under Possible Rewards
[*] Exp gaining on lower maps redesigned. Lower maps like misty gobi iceland iceland etc will be providing more exp on kills.. Simply All maps boosted. (Higher level players can not feel bigger difference as his level can be to high for these maps to gain real visible exp!)

[*] Big Change – because of often appearing problems with Logintool (lt.exe) we decided to abandon This one totally. Soon will be provided simplest LT just to give easier way to start game. For now by just starting game via file DEMONS ONLINE 2.0 START.exe will automatically open login screen. In any ever problems comming from autopatching (dont work etc) – just in case inside game folder we are leaving SkipAutopatch.exe file.
DEMONS ONLINE 2.0 START.exe – START game always – in need will autopatch automatically
SkipAutopatch.exe – use this in any problems with autopatcher (but still always keep eye to download latest patches manually form website!).

[*] UPDATES under SPIRITs!:
– Max Spirits Packs will be 15 amount (not like before 99).
– Bonus provided as BP from spirits changed:
Before changes spirits were giving: 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 17 20 24 28 35 43 54 60 BP bonuses each lvl
NEW way: 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 25 28 31 35
New way mostly affecting the highest spirits. These amounts are for now nerfed to fit current server BP gaining rate! When server will be rising in starts – spirits will receive Upgrade on getting addiotional BP – aiming to set old ways – possible time? months. This means your best spirits in future can only get better 😉
– other spirit change is on forging from lvl17 to lvl18 – CHANCE to make this happen currently are set to be: 48% EXACTLY
[*] Under recent Spirit possibilities – POWER FACTORS under BP changed to new ways. Please check the subject about this.

[*] Mana Spring price for Item|Gear Shards lowered from 200 shards to 100 shards
[*] Prices for Elemental Control skills changed as: elemental skill book cost 1,5 Divine Shards and rest books supporting elemental are for 500 shards each.

[*] Again additional little more spawns provided on Ragnarok map
[*] Battle Power power/def adjustments. Please check details here: POWER FACTORS
[*] Small update under LoginTool – some part of LT code was removed in order to avoid some antymalwares/antiviruses to see it as dangerous – new version has clear code that all such anty softs will easily check and confirm its harmless – so new version shouldn’t be even needed to put as exception no more 😉
[*] Small update for LVL18 SPIRIT – small modification under chance for this last lvl Only – rest is based on same rate like Chinese official ver. Details here: SPIRIT

[*] Skills like FlyingChop,ChainChop,SoulCrusher etc (all based on multi patk hits) on all classes received small update under range (every level will provide +1 range to current base range which). This way player wont need to get totally close to other player.
[*] Skills like SoulCusher and few other similar received small update (might be not even visible by most) under delays – they wont anymore make enemy unable totally to answer.
[*] Burning Moon Skill for Warriors received update – no longer will require SP to use it!

[*] Again spawns at bloomgardern and ragnorok proeprly increased!
[*] Elemental forging fully implemented. Here is guide: ELEMENTAL FORGING
[*]  Updates under DEMONS:
– All Demons received by Default 150 LUCK
– All Normal demons received Fix for hatching Minor attributes – this means on born they will be mostly born with best or close to best minor attribute (GR attribute in which is not rising on compose to be clear!). This should bring proper HP and other attributes for other as well nice demons!
[*] New DST-PP item and SHOP for it. Here details: DST-PP SHOP

[*] Bloom Garden and Ragnarok maps received updated Spawns!
[*] EPs SHOP updated in prices (lowered)
[*] Composer Shop – Updated with Prices (lowered)
[*] God Soul Shard Shop – moved back to market (appears most players under lvl 110 dont realize it exist!)
[*] Got Tears are now under cheaper price for God Soul Shards + under Gear shop for 5.000 Item Shards
[*] Prices under God Soul Shards shop adjusted and lowered
[*] Gear Shard SHOP – available gear was remodeled – now Normal quality gears are available for price of just 10 Item Shards. gear boxes are available from Box 3 only
[*] GEAR ELEMENTS Development Update! New way: Upgrading GEAR under Quality (reds, godtears) will make 80% chance to gain +7 Elements on gear part. This way player starting from upgrading gear with normal quality can achieve elements till +49 even!
[*] Boss chance to Drop Stones increased slightly (so making super red stones as example wont take long)
[*] Mount Egg Shop – Bamboo walker price increased to 40k shards
[*] Egg Shard Shop – this shop received New demon – BeastMaster (normally was available Only via DS Shop). Now its available as well for Egg Shards (40k amount) – This pet can be solution for all matk type classes!

[*] PK room fix – again properly available for usage
[*] Gainer Land small addons:
* teleporting to map will be made after 1 second of finding gainer land after kill – progress bar will be seen (this should allow additional stress on move)
* finding gainer land will be possible when player has at least 300+ kills under anty cheat system notice.
* Any gainer land teleport will reset Anty cheat score to 0 😉
* On teleport to Gainer land You will receive HINT for moment – look closely as it will tell you at which land proper totem is placed!
[*] Prices for Elemental skills and ray stricken for MAGE lowered at shop
[*] Elemental skills and ray stricken for mage requirements lowered from 130 to 125
[*] Update – whenever player will teleport on new map – all his summoned demons (summoned not converged!) will be unsummoned automatically

[*] Price for spec Exp ball lowered from 50 to 10 CS
[*] More adjustments under cata mobs – spawns again little modified 😉
[*] New Addon “Gainer Land”:
While grinding there is chance (requirements: Level 80 and higher + anty cheat kills over 300 already) to be teleported right away into Gainer Land. On this land your aim is to find PROPER NPC that will provide Reward. 2 from 3 NPCs are false – there Little difference between Good and Bad NPC – so find learn and get use to 😉
On this land JUMPING is REQUIRED! So ensure you will have MOUNT that you will use as ACROBAT!
On land there will be possible to find SP recovery
Your time limit = 3minutes – use this wisely 😉
[*] Grinder Addon – during hunting its possible that monster will drop DARK CHEST
When you try to open it – your char will be protected for 12 seconds
Time to open chest round between 3 and 10 seconds
If you fail to open 3 times within openinig condition – chest will dissapear
If you properly open you can win some random addiotnal rewards like item shards, casual shards, moount shards and even CS shards!
[*]PK ROOM (test your powers calling your enemies!)
[*] PKT (daily weekly and monthly) available under 3 current caps.
New PKT Shops at market Zone
!To be done still: Will be added in days option to ressurect 1-3 times per event
[*] EPs Shard Addon
There is New NPC at market and 2 new NPCs at market Zone map. All handling exchnages between EPs Eps Shards and other Shards.
[*] Legion Wars
On next LW defenders will be gaining EPs while defending castle
Monsters will be spawning under castle – will be able to provide additional rewwards
Daily Rewards will be given to members dependng on positon (limited for now to 10 rewards per day for winner)
New LW Shop at Market Zone
more goodies to arrive
[*] More loads of small updates (graphic, translations etc)

[*] Bosses on divine lands brought back
[*] Fix appointment under cavalier for some demons
[*] UPDATE under Compose RATE – all composes made with at least 6* unixes required will be giving little more rise – this way will be more visible progress 😉

[*] Adjustments under skills – yes little more – adjust under skills Ranges… some skills like aoe were limited max to 12 grids and some skills like chainchop kind till 13 grids max.
[*] Adjustments under Legion War Gates
[*] Deep work on PK room, PKT and many more…

[*] New system added – when crossing certain level player will gain automatically into bag (or mail if bag full) rewards like shard boxes or even gear boxes (lower player levels). Players over 124 will be gaining every level free 3xboxes with 100xCS inside 😉 Additional reason to level up 😉
[*] Cronus Boss remodeled – new spots and more proper spawns provided.
[*] 2x/3x EXP potions fully remodel – you wont be able now to use again 2x or 3x potions when 1 is under usage. When entering Divine Lands under EXP boost usage you will be asked first if wish to enter if effect will be found on you. Additionally EXP BOOSTER effect will now last even if maintenance happen – it will be removed from player when proper time pass or player will remove it by own!
[*] Some additional small fixes/adjustments and translations…

[*] Updates under all patk rising demons obtainable via special egg shards – updated to be convergable!
[*] Daily Events released.
[*] Some addons and adjustments with fixes 🙂 (example: phoenixberserk XP skill for pal upgraded to be better usable, saint defensive circle fix etc)
[*] EVENTS VOTER released – you can now daily vote for additional 4 types of events during daily grinding!

[*] DIVINE ADDON released! For now few infomration: You can proceed with Divine Quest after you make level 110 + posses demon over 40*! having this head to GOD SQUARE (portal at Cronus). There first NPC can provide you with quest – BUT its NOT FREE! Each Quest attempt will cost you 25 EPs or 2.000.000 GOLD (Your choice). Quest is simple but you must be careful. Your only aim will be to cross map from bottom to top till reaching promtion NPC + avoiding all guards in the way. If you make mistake you will DIE and will be removed from map and you will have to start again (along with paying the fee!).
Currently there are 3 Divine hunting maps provided. Elysium, Blooming Garden and Ragnarok. First 2 will provide divine exp along with hunting, ragnarok will provide both type of exp (yes you can grind on ragnarok normal + divine exp and divine items!).
On each divine maps are spawninig Bosses (every 20 minutes). Their drops is random but precious (along with divine exp you will gain for slay).
Divine Lands monsters are HARD! You must prepare before grinding there. Good Gear (elements as bigger as better, pdef from gear, gems with def etc) + Converged Demon as first defense (together with character pdef and high pet pdef will make you harder to kill! HP is good as well so pet wont lose fast whole hp!) and LEVEL – suggested to not gring on higher level mobs then your level as this will mean mostly fast death.
On Divine Lands dropping all kind of divine shards (Divine Skill shards, God Soul Shards, Divine Egg Shards) and some normal but lower and not all (item gear and compose shards).
[*] Old maps received small upgrade under amount of monsters spawned.

[*] DS Shop received additional information – ability to contact PM, to check details about certain donor pet rise etc…
[*] Changes under Registrations and similar: Currently its possible to register max 10 accounts from same IP and 5 under same email. Option to delete characters inside game is turned off for now until proper need appear.
[*] Making Business Partner – will require now 1 day to be completed!

[*] Fix for few skills – problem happeened on few skills like windbead – when leveled over 3 lvl – was not visible. 2005 patch fixing this issue.
[*] Added additional newbie gift for everyone – ManaSpring as Gift one time provided on login to game.
[*] Curse Storm skill for necro fix – damage given adjusted within time of raining 😉
[*] 3 demons updated: Socorro, Ferris, Jewel (all available via divine eggs in market shop). From now on these demons will be Convergable + possible to appoint under Necro Knight!
[*] Additional fixes on few maps spots – added NPC teleporters near problematic spots – so on stuck can use them by hand 😉
[*] Fantasy Spirit demon received properly working CROWN Ranking

[*] Skills updates – some skills were adjusted under damages. Some Skills received additional levels. Necro class received few new skills (divined by Necro and Wizard form). Some skills were adjusted under Experience required for leveling up. Some skills were removed(Pneuma Mist as example or War Cry). Skill Book Shop got little changes under prices and availability books. Additionally adjustments under Starting skills happened (skills with which new players willl start). Please report any issues 😉
Under this update part – all Skills was cleaned under EXP points (had to but dont expect happening this again;)) + levels back to 1!
[*] Bugfixes for few skills translations and special status effects…
[*] Update under COMBINING GEMS – combining via forge panel was turned off – this function exist via 2 NPCs: GEMSTONE FACTORY and Charles Gem Embeder – both at market 😉
[*] Beasts spawned from hunting received update – there can be max 7 beasts at max on certain map! If will be more spawned all will be pruned! This will remain maps cleaned from not slayed spawns.

[*] Halloween Beasts small update – blocked ability to spawn at Cronus and near players under level 60. Main spawn rate lightly decreased.
[*] Few updates under donor demons – each will start with 350 INI (all born updated) and some adjustments under HP Gr (increasth worth for all dmeons and decreased for wukong spirit)

[*] Fix for mounts – few mounts couldnt be attach as Acrobat – fix applied
[*] New Halloween Beast Pumpin event released
[*] New TOTAL KILLING point system attached!
[*] PK function – till now when died while being red or black (or red blinking) player could lose gear even if was locked! (was dropping on ground). After maint this will change. White and red players wont be able to drop anything. When killed by monsters wont drop anything. When killed when being black will as well NOT be able to drop ANY equipped gear. This means being killed as black can only provide chance to loose some items from bag (items like gems stones etc as example ;)). So yeah shouldnt be anymore loses of precious gears!
[*] Update – UNLOCK on equipment will be finished in 1 day only (was 3 before)
[*] CRONUS and MISTY Marsh maps will be NOT PKable maps from now on!
[*] Client FIX – there was some troubles with viewing not learned yet skills via skill panel – was giving lags and errors- after 2003 patch should be all fine 😉

[*] FIX for training ground map – when training wont eat MP or SP anymore
[*] FIX of Aries Muba – there was issue with seeing the pet when summoned – maint fixing this 😉
[*] FIX for all mounts – when mount will become thunder race there wont be anymore issues with ability to mount!
[*] FIX for all convergable matkgr rising demons – when becoming thunder race will still be convergable like before thunder! No problems anymore here!
[*] Update of Donation demons – all donor pets will grow in HP-Gr (about these that didnt till now). All will born with maxed INI attributes. All will born with 10* rarity. All are convergable. All donor pets max REBORN = 3000 (additional reborns will be possible to make after using reborn spheres on demons!). Additionally in plans: special skills for donor pets and possible special talents to achieve.
[*] LEGION WAR update. After today first LW new rules will start:
– Legion Wars will happen every Wednesday and Saturday at 15:00 till 16:00 (yes 2 times per week).
– Legion Pole will be granting bigger amoount of GOLD depending on damage given
– Legion Shield still be granting EPs by damage provided (1 EPs provided for each 400.000k damage provided to shield! So total of 1.000 EPs to divide between hitters on every LW)
– Legion Pole HP: 200 000 000
– Legon Shield HP: 400 000 000
[*] GEMSTONE FACTORY Shop Update! Besides exchanging stones (redstones. yellows, violets) into super – now shop offering additional options like: exchange redstones nad super redstones for gold packs or even shards – check it out and continue hunting for bosses 😉
[*] Some minor fixes (e.g. BravePotion fix)
[*] Revive Potions placed into Item Shop (for Item|Gear Shards) – as well during legion wars buying via eps should work after death.
[*] Some small additional translations
[*] new NPC (INFORMATOR) placed at Cronus near market entry (298:418) – will give ability to move on website with details about updates (well this topic for now) and future guides and new addons describtions…

Additional maintenance:
[*] Additional fixes to donor pets + ALL donor pets will be rising under ALL types of KNIGHTS!
[*] NOBILITY cleaning. Because of first 2 days with gems priced high – some players sold them to rank up… Nobility will be pruned and proper amounts from plaeyrs removed – so will be proper shaped.

[*] NPC Gemstone Factory allowing now to exchange proper amount of normal stones (RedStones/Violets/Yellows) into Super forms!
[*] All demons that rising in Matk will receive skills: WindBead/Thunder/Lightning automatically after making 1 compose
[*] Some Demons upgraded to be able to Converge (for necro and other classes needs). List of Demons upgraded:
Sagitt.Behemoth, PandaPantica, BearZorro, Hades~Defender, Hades~Heir,  SpiritSadie, JazzyRabbit, RabbitLori, Sword.Spirit, Silver.Knight, Dwarf.Kinf, Lionheart.Knight, Deepwater.Witch, Beast.Master, Flying.Devil, Dark.Poetry, Cold.Shadow, Demon.King, Devourers
[*] Monster Spawning Adjustment – there are and will be some adjustments under monsters spawning on all maps to fit best balanced and no problem ways! So Expect some changes here still within time.
[*] Adjustment of Boss Drops – Bosses on all maps can drop all kind of Socket Gems, all kind of stones and sometimes SpecialExpBall and Unixes. Bosses on higher maps will be able to drop something extra…
[*] Added Daily packages – received on in game Mail everyday at login.
[*] Adjustment and addons for Newbie Gifts – new starting players will receive some helpful packages. This will be developed still – will arrive newbie packages that will be possible to open wthin certain Levels.
[*] GOLD Drop – there are and will be some adjustments in this part. Aim is not to many golds around but better in amounts.
[*] GOLD Items sells in shop – there was major update in this part. Many items like even gemstones were updated in gold prices whenever sold in shops. As well few other items – All to bring proper low balance on Gold as well.
[*] EGG shop update + Cleric – under egg shop there are 5 Eggs of Demons available for 5.000 Egg Shards – all these 5 demons can be attached as Cleric – ONLY these 5!
[*] Gear and Weapon Boxes – some updates in this part – lowered levels obtained when open (to fit low level players).


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