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by dates

Details: Decided to keep updates/changes information that are provided to game in clean separate post = Here 🙂


[*] Small update under Shield and Pole defense rate – will be little harder.

[*] Knights of The Round Table Update:
Knight: Necro Knight (vailable only for Necro) will not be possible to appoint at all by any pets – simply turning off this knight so no BP from it will be giving, no effects (which anyway wasnt giving any!).
Reason: ALL classes will not be on same max BP abilities to achieve. Hope no more complains from this.

[*] BP Ranking Statues – temporary Closing them. Will be updated with better way to sort the fights between TOPS of BP. Soon will be given better solution – for now no more cries 😉

[*] Some updates for some tales about speed hacking – I am placing server into hard restrictions of: abnormal packet size checking and abnormal amount of packets received by server per player. Anything faster then e.g. flying mount+XP of ranger or to fast actions will be providing DCs + proper record into logs. If anyone tried and will be trying to fit speed hacks just be careful :/ Will this be needed? We will see – mainly hard security attached.

[*] Adjustment under Death Stare skill received from the Extermination Set on Dfire (lvl 3 will be showing like lvl2 and should be giving proper outputs)

[*] New Max Caps UPDATED:
– max LEVEL increasing from 170 to 175
– max God LVL increason from 80 to 90
– max GPP from 150 to 170
– max Stars on Pet from 1500* to 1600*

[*] Adjustments under running MiniEvents


[*] Improvement unders knights system.
[*] Updated Quest file for disappearing Caria quest
[*] Some minor client fix
[*] Some new stuf for quest in progres
[*] Added exchanger to convert genesis and world extermination to flame under Dfire shop


[*] Silent Land
– Added function to NPC Hassel – Ability to sell Sacred Points into EPs – rate: 10.000 Sacred points for 1k EPs (not much but when your char is maxed in sacred points then you dont need it anyway!)

[*] Added warning to Hasseel Matrial exchanger – will inform player if in Material bag will be less then 5 free spaces!

[*] New NPC at Cronus – Discord infromer and inviter to Marketplace

– Halloween shard drop from mobs turned ON
– Halloween Beast spawn from mobs turned ON (can spawn randomly on killing mobs)
– 2 New followers added to Halloween Shop
– plan to add at least one more vent – when wearing pumpkin masks basts will drop special drop – Not Yet Active!

[*] DFIRE Update:
– Beasts will be now spawning at Armageddon and Divine Marsh maps -> Every 500 arma or divinemarsh mob kills will spawn 1 beast one of these maps (MAX 2 beasts on each map – means max 4 Dfire Beasts can be active at once)
– Dfire Beasts are HARD (for top players so be in NOTICED!). Dfire Beasts can drop mostly the best stuff – high eps, genesis cheests and ven super geneesis and NEW WORLD EXTERMINATION CHESTS!!!!!!!!!!


[*] Advance Cata Update!
Reason: often when many mobs killed at cata exp was not provided in proper high amount
Changes (will take effect on closest maintenance):
– Exp rate from each mob will be same like on normal cata
– amount of mobs at advance cata will be increased x2
– spawn rate time of adv. cata mobs will be divided into half of current
– every 25 killed mobs there while under exp pots will provide +0.010% exp (no matter what lvl!)
[*] Gainer Land update:
– when player will start entering gainer land will get 2seconds teleportation time and for whole process of 4 seconds will be immobilized (cant move or use skills) – this part is to minimize possible effect of DC when entering gainer land (as reported by player)
– no gainer land for adv. cata
– event chests will appear in gainer land “always” (yes no more as event but as standard procedure) with better rewards (mainly eps, randomrfined gem and red stones pack only as possible rewards)
– upgraded normal rewards for choosing proper flag – more eps and unixes and less trash


[*] Caria Quest Update -> Fix for sometimes not appearing task at Quest Logs! (Patch!)
[*] GODDESS Exchanger – UPDATE!
Changed fully the way of handling Exchanger. 23 NPCs that was aimed to exchnaged are removed and Exchange Option appeared at NPC Hassel! Hopefully with Eeasy way to do actions 😉


[*] Caria Quest Update:
– Caria quest will be provided/refreshed additonally upon entering Cronus map (no need anymore to kill mobs to receive the quest)
– Temporary all Soul mobs that during quest must be killed near Totem are set to work even if killed from far (so if mobs wont move still should be fine!)
[*] Beasts received notification globally whenever Caria Key will drop to someone!
[*] GODDESS Exchanger / Silent Land Map Updates:
– There are new EXP Stone upgrader available at map – so its possible to use lower exp stones to convert into higher!
– There are 23 spreaded new NPC exchangers that will be offering options to exchange all sort of materials back to Dinas Bones
– Dinas Bones exchanger rceived few more materials as way to trade
All these updates should sort the ability to convert materials into other materials so all will be used properly instead of feeling as trash…
[*] Back Decoration Shop provided at market – usable via ItemGearShards!


[*] Under Silent Land Shop its possible to exchange BackBones Materials into Dinas Bones (converter will allow to exchange at once amount equivalent to your bag free space!)
[*] Max amount of Stars on pets increased from 1300* to 1500*
Max Normal lvl increased from 160 to 170
Max Divine Lvl increased from 70 to 80
Full Details (Exp required for each lvl) can be checked here:

[*] CARIA Quest officially Provided!
– Players can decide to choose between 3 type of rewards druing th run: Dfire items, Goddeess materials or Compose Materials (by default set if nothing chosen by hand inside map!)
– Ways to obtain Keys:
a) PKT winning as reward
b) Having big luck and drop Key from all Beasts (the ones on old and divine lands)
c) Daily Task (Kill 5.000 lostland/cata mobs / Kill 300 Silent Land mobs / Kill 100 Dfire Mobs) – once per day obtainable!
– Keys are tradable and you can do as many runs as you have keys!
– few fixes handled (aka not moving mob etc)

[*] Beasts Update
– Beasts Power adjusted to fit little more realities!
– Beasts drop little updated for better ways!
– Beasts can RARELY drop Caria Key – All kind of Beasts (old lands and divine lands) have this ability. Keys will Not drop at Slayer Land from Beast spawned via Horn!

[*] PK Tournament UPDATE
– New way of caps based on BEST SCORED BP!:
1st Cap: all players between 0 and 999 Best BP
2nd Cap: all players between 1000 and 2499 Best BP
3rd Cap: all players between 2500 and 3999 Best BP
4th Cap: all players between 4000 and 4999 Best BP
5th Cap: all players with 5000+ Best BP – NEW ADDITIONAL CAP!
– Rewards for moving contestants into last Final map DOUBLED
– Reward for PKT daily/weekly/monthly winners update by +1 Caria Key!
– Rewards send on mail to winner – EP amount DOUBLED!


[*] Teleporters from super warper time update from 5s to 3s
[*] Seth HP upgraded so will last more which means more gains! For now +100% HP.
[*] Silent Land teleporter – there will be now chance to spawn little farther then main entry
[*] Necro Skill – Queen summon effect changed back from lullaby into burst shot (ranger stun type) – reason, lullaby blocking everything from usage and currently we fighting with summons to not stack stuns time on hit…


[*] LW Update:
Pole and Shield will now be much harder to destroy!
Hitting shield will provide 10x more EPs depending on damage!
[*] GIFTS Update.
Gifts old amounts will be showing as proper amounts. As it appears new version doesnt affect upgrades on this :(. We have open discussion how all of you would wish to handle current Gifts – like changing via item to other for free etc??(Mainly for those who aimd for higher HP from gifts)
[*] Bloody Tornado XP skill for Vampire FIXED
[*] VIP claims update
Daily claim for EPs increased to: lvl 6 = 1000 eps and lvl 7 = 2000 EPs
Daily Items claims – for VIP7 increaseed amount of 25 unixes from GPP/7 to GPP/5 + VIP7 daily will be getting +GPP amount of Moon Points
[*] Necro Queen Summon update – chance for Stunning effect lowered by 10% on all lvls!
[*] Divine Marsh and Armageddon Updates – Teleporting to these maps will randomly spawn at positon (not always same).


[*] Timer before usage attached into Super Warper and Town Portals = 5 seecond. This means before usage of each teleporter player will need to wait 5 seconds.
[*] SKILLS Update:
– NECROMANCER: summoning Queen of the Dead will now be providing chance to provide Proper Slumbering Mantra – advance form of Stun (cannot use anything until finished!)
[*] Silent Land map received anty cheating system like on rest maps! Every kill = 15 anty cheat kills.
[*] New shop for exchanging Dfire stuff placed at CRONUS!


[*] Void Chests are now tradable
[*] Machine Dragon Update:
– Bone Dragons possible gain increaseed (eps and CS)
– Minions chancee to gain Universals (3* till 12*) during slaying time increaseed!
– Final reward for TOP killer on MD increased from 1k EPs to 2k EPs + 20x GPP (insted of x15)
[*] General gains from Pets attributes increased from 120% to 125% – in overall all should see small total dmg increase from all sources!
[*] MINI events will now work on all maps (along with dfire maps and even event like machine dragon!)
[*] Legion Shield HP increased to 2000000000 and Legion Pole to 3000000000
[*] Gainer Land – small upgrade on amount of Unixes as rewards!


[*] Class Changes Update
– Ranger Potion updated and working again: Price increased from 5k Casting shards to 17k casting shards (because wheen item used will provide in same time 6x casting stones which is no in price!). After changing to ranger, system will store forever orginal class to which player will be able to get back not later then after 3 days (from moment of changing to ranger!). All skill will be lost (this didnt change) on switch BUT on change player will receive addiotnally 3k Normal skill shards + 3k Divine Skill shards into bag!
– Change back to Orginal class potion – will work as long player used NEW provided here item to change into rangeer class + not later then within 3 days after switch! Changing back to original class will remove all ranger skills + will provide 6x casting stones items + 3k Normal/Divine Skill shards!

[*] Armageddon map and Divine Marsh maps received RESSURECTOR NPCs in few spots that can be used to revive pets easieer (paid via EPs There!)


[*] CLASS skills adjustments Part IV
* Necro:
– Split Soul Skill updated and brought original form (official way of being).
– Soul Curse Updated – time of skill lassting changed from 3seconds to 4s. Power small adjustments.
– Queen of the Dead Skill change to lullaby instead of stun – this means when stunned player cannot do anything
– Tornado upgraded: in dmg, little faster to hit + received 5% chance to stun enemy for 2s (just small chance but has the chance – better then nothing. Lets see how players can use this)
– Defensive Circle received 7% cahnce to stun enemy for 2 seconds.

[*] Legion War: Legion Pole HP increased to 2000000000 HP!
[*] Info under Dfire Inherit – bonus from Clovers wont work!


[*] Class change update:
– from now on – when player will change to ranger class – record will be stored – within next 3 days will be possible to turn back to original class (no skills etc!). New item to turn back will be functional within 48 hours!
* Blass Chain – its damage were brought back to original default power = rason: an answer to claims that SK is to OP vs all rest classes, so if its tanky then cannot be to powerful in dmg.
* War Cry – CD on last lvl skills changed from 15s to 20s (shouldnt much influence but on longer battles should give some chance other classes)
* Furious~Jump for Warrior – SP requirement changed from 60 SP to 40 SP
* Soul Split and Split Soul skills updated: SP cost changed from 30 to 20 + very slight dmg increase provided (small to check if will be enough and to not overdo)
* Arrow~Storm for Archers – CD changed from 30 to 25 sec. Version with Wind Walk slightly upgraded in dmg.


– Blass chain for SK little adjustments to fit beetter (balanced between last changes…) (this time little lowered if anyone wonder)
– Heaven`s~Wrath dmg is back to like was (since yesterday patching in the end even -.-) – simply was no need to nerf this even while global change on pet bonusing happened
– SaintChainChop (Flying Trial) Skill for warror – brought back to Orgiainal Default setup!
– SaintFireBlast for warrior – gentle increased dmg
– FallingStars for Paladin – time between usage lowered by half sec (was 30s CD now its 15s where 10s is tim of usage) + small dmg upgrade
– Defensive Circle for Paladin – small dmg upgrade
– Divine Punishment for Paladin – samll dmg increase
– Hurricane raid for Mage – Exp required for lvling up lowered
– Dragon Gun for SK – CD increased by 0,1sec in order to answer on players claims that its to little time to answer back
– Arrow~of~Destiny for Archer – dmg was brought back to ORIGINAL DEFAULT setup (like orginally deesigned for this skill – like never ever was made any change)
– Soul Curse for Necro – small dmg increase
– Bloody Storm for Vamp – dmg slight increease
– Blood shadow for Vamp – dmg slight increasee
– Dark Night Bat for Vamp – dmg slight increasee

[*] Global changes:
– Bonus attributes comming from pets changed from 110% to 120%
– Dmg given to mobs with higher def like: beasts/silend land mobs/tomb mobs/god lands/amrageddon/DivineMarsh/MachineDraons etc Increased (as an answer of the small reduction on pets inherit!


– BP factor again little updated
– Bonus attributes coming from pets nerfed as this was mostly cause of huge damages along with other bonuses. Originally was 100%, since months we were running at 150%, but now its brought back to 110% for testing as looks like this cannot be high together with many other bonuses.
So as this wil help in PVP… please all report effects on PVM – so in worst case mobs def as alternatives will adjust 😉

– Crack~Shot skill for Archer upgraded in damage
– Shock~Burst skill for Archer – stun time changed from 5s to 3s And CD time increased from 5s to 10s
– Heaven`s~Wrath for Archer small nerf under dmg
– Piercing skill for SK update – dmg slightly increased
– Biass chain skill for SK update – dmg slightly increased
– Furious~Jump skill for Warrior update – dmg increased + stun time increased from 1s to 2s (with CD time giving enemy time to react!)

Please everyone who have ideas and know well classes:
– Mage / Vampire / Paladin / Necromancer – please hit with ideas of what should be upgraded or given to these classes (matter of skills) in order to fit rest.


[*] Small updates on BP factors to fit new bigger BP amounts.
[*] Legion HP and Pole HP at legion land increased x2
[*] All Memory Eyes and Star Eyes removed from players (and shops and Sodar). Reason: still affecting stun skills.
[*] Opening Dfire chests will popup info on left bottom chat only for most previous chests 😉


[*] Goddess Attribute Bonus:
– At lvl 9 and 10 each Goddess will be possible to gain better higher attribute bonus amounts while embracing!:
Goddess 1:
LVL 9:
MAX BP = 25
MAX PATK = 300
MAX MATK = 150
MAX PDEF = 350
MAX MDEF = 450
MAX Elemental = 6
MAX HP = 1500
LVL 10:
MAX PATK = 500
MAX MATK = 300
MAX PDEF = 500
MAX MDEF = 300
MAX Elemental = 7
MAX HP = 2500

Goddess 2:
LVL 9:
MAX BP = 35
MAX PATK = 400
MAX MATK = 300
MAX PDEF = 400
MAX MDEF = 450
MAX Elemental = 6
MAX HP = 3000
LVL 10:
MAX PATK = 700
MAX MATK = 450
MAX PDEF = 200
MAX MDEF = 400
MAX Elemental = 7
MAX HP = 4000

Goddess 3:
LVL 9:
MAX BP = 60
MAX PATK = 500
MAX MATK = 450
MAX PDEF = 550
MAX MDEF = 500
MAX Elemental = 6
MAX HP = 3500
LVL 10:
MAX PATK = 900
MAX MATK = 550
MAX PDEF = 650
MAX MDEF = 600
MAX Elemental = 7
MAX HP = 4500

Goddess 4:
LVL 9:
MAX BP = 90
MAX PATK = 700
MAX MATK = 650
MAX PDEF = 800
MAX MDEF = 600
MAX Elemental = 6
MAX HP = 4000
LVL 10:
MAX BP 100
MAX PATK = 1000
MAX MATK = 750
MAX PDEF = 900
MAX MDEF = 700
MAX Elemental = 7
MAX HP = 5000

[*] Adjustment unnder Gift master crafting items (one item was new in china = fixed)
[*] More words placed into blocked words…
[*] Divine Marsh Updatee
– small adjustments under difficulties of Divine Marsh LVL 4 map!


– Total number of daily kills updated – max can be visible as 650.000 Daily Kills (yes not doable but on previous max 65k maxes happened often…) (As well this is update needed for incomming Dadily Slaeyer Statue)
-Total number of Kills for Armageddon and Divine Marsh maps added!
[*] Dfire Maps update:
– Armageddon:
a) every killed monster will provide +2 total and daily kills
b) range of reaching monsters hits lowered from 12 to 8 grids
c) God Exp gaining again increased.
– Divine Marsh:
a) every killed monster will provide +5 total and daily kills
b) range of reaching monsters hits lowered from 10 to 9 grids
c) God Exp gaining again increased.


[*] XP booster – updated and will no longer be used at new maps after usage – as on these maps XP skills are disabled anyway.
[*] Super Warper item update – New Divine Fire Land accessible from via this item
[*] Divine Fire Maps (Armageddon and Divine Marches) received some updates:
– Mobs gentle dmg modification
– every kill of mobs on these maps will be doing conversion of star points into Moon points automatically (100 star points = 1 moon point). [reminding that changing back to star points can be done easily via bag + option near it]
– Mobs drops some adjustments for proper division between Armageddon and divine marsh (on both star points gaining increased, on divine marsh on better results!)
– Maps drop gain will now more depend on map at which player hunt then on dfire lvl of the player (as some lower BP players already reaching higher dfire lvls … and till some BP lower maps can be chosen as option to enter).
– Fix under Inherit option for moving Super effects: No more moon needed there (via star points all can be done) + fix to work proper. (patch required).
– GENESIS SET added to possible drop:
* Armageddon map – from Best Mobs possible to find only (the most difficult ones ;))
* Divine Marsh – Only at lvl 4 maps possible with low chance.
– TOP 1/2/3 BP statues applied to the game. Players can compete in this ranking at statues to claim rewards (every 1 hour for current owner will be rising reward!)
– TOP DAILY SLAYER – statue is already placed but within next days will be functioning 😉 (more details hopefuly at next update already ;)).


[*] Divine Fire feature activated! Please refer to this guide (will be getting updates in time ;)): DIVINE FIRE
[*] GIFTS Update
Attack/Pdef/Mdef Gifts were removed from possibility to get via Gift Slot items!
Additionally ALL currently obtained gifts by demons: Attack, Pdef, Mdef were replaced with BP gifts at same exactly level.
Reason: These attack and def gifts weren’t doing proper job!
[*] Usage Of Memory Eyes items (and Star Eye) has been blocked on most PK able maps. Reason: over-usage of this items against e.g. skills with stun etc. Sorry but this is to maintain the balance between class abilities.
[*] Necro class Update:
– Queen Of the Damned skill updated: Time of reusage of this summon changed from 30s to 10s, stunning chance slightly increased (30%-70% depending on lvl), exp needed for lvling up lowered to 5k per lvl, Time of successful stun increased by 1 second at each summon lvl!
– Soul Curse DMG little increase
– Split Soul(S) – DMG slightly increased


[*] Update to New Version of Engine (
[*] Changes:
– New Wardrobe look + new options aka back decorations
– Shopping Mall slowly getting back (for now we placed pets and mounts so will be possible to grab more information about them). They cannot be Bought YET via SM! Aim – later will be at SM only chosen items (for fast needs)…
– many new things like new currencies (for dfire needs) “star and lunar points” etc..
[*] What will be arriving next days/weeks with this new version (yes most parts we are not unlocking “yet” at moment of this upgrade to be able to do it in calm, step by step and with full control.
What to be expected to arrive next days:
– Dfire addon (fully featured content with new items, sets, stats, tasks and maps)
– New back decorations at shops etc
– New Ranking Feature with rewards
– more…
[*] FOLLOWERS update: Followers from now on will be running faster and picking up stuff faster.
[*] Limits Upgrades:
– Max Stars pet pet increased from 1100* to 1300*!
– Max Level increased from 150 to 160!
– Max God Level increased from 60 to 70! (new divine land incoming!)
– Max GPP for rewards increased from 125 to 150!


[*] Silent Land updates:
– new Anty AFK system
– new Silent Land Map PKable (faster resp time little)
[*]LW time happening VOTER. Please vote everyone if day for LW should be changed – suggested WEEKEND! 🙂


[*] Update on Black Market SHOPS
– Red Stones / Violets / Yellow shops received updates in prices and new option (to trade for eps ;)) ENJOY they BOSS grinding for more benefits 😉
[*] SK skills update
– War Cry skill Stun time downgraded to nax 4 seconds + Range of area stun limited to max 12 fields (was 13) (1,2,3 lvl = 2 second stun, 4,5,6,7 = 3 second stun, 8 lvl = 4 sec stun)
– Dragon Gun skill update – time before next time usage of this skill changed from 4900 miliseconds to 5500 miliseconds (mainly dragoon gun + ghost hunt usage time + 100 milisecond to provide ability to enemy to hit back). (Eas 4900 miliseconds) (so pretty FIX :/)
[*] Warrior Skills upgrade
– SaintChainChop received ability to perform FlyingChop skill as additinal hit (so yes can kill 2 demons with enough power) But its next time usage is doubled = 6000 miliseconds!
– Dragon Storm Exp requirement lowered hardly!
[*] Necro Skill Update
– Queen of the Dead – along with leveling up this summon it will grain bigger chance (max 50% instead 30% now) to stun enemy – for max 3 seconds (instead of 2s now)
[*] VIP rewarder small update
– WAGE daily claim Doubled (300 to 600 eps and 500 to 1000 eps for VIP 7)
– Amount obtained of Unixes (20* for VIP6 and 25* for VIP7) FROM GPP changed – was GPP/10 = amount given, now will be GPP/7 = amount given!


[*] Legion Land updates:
– XP skills removed from Legion Map (reason: complains about ranger speed skill usage during LW – sooo we are putting into test how it will be without :/)
– Revive Potion A (the official pot for LW reviving) from Item Gear shop removed (was allowing on to fast Resurrection of pets at LW)


[*] Necro Skill update
– Abyss Evil unlocked proper next lvls
[*] Gifts Updates
– All Gifts received new attributes (increased to fit better realities and needs)
– New items provided in exchangers at Silent Land. With these items its possible to replace gifts of all lvls inside ALL slots
[*] PKT Update:
– NO more possibility to revives (this old EO PKT function shouldn’t be possible now!)
– No possibility to RIDE/FLY during PKT
[*] LW Update:
– No possibility to RIDE/FLY during PKT
[*] Rewards from GAINER LAND = INCREASED by 250%-500% forever


[*] SK class updates:
– Dragon Guard skill FIX: dmg received after usage was in some cases to low (even if facing way way bigger BP with pets etc) – now should be better.
– Dragon Gun skill Fix – delay between usage of this skill was making impossible to hit back mostly – this should be sorted now.
[*] Vampire class updates:
– Blood shadow skill received update – will be now providing additional hit from Rage of Night skill – similar way like dragon gun – yes will provide double hit with somehow capability to destroy 2 pets at usage even!)
[*] Necromancer class update:
– Split Soul(S) skill received additional power as after usage will perform Soul Split skill – so will be able to even kill 2 pets at usage (similar like dragon gun on SK and blood shadow on Vampire!).
– Soul Split were gently nerfed under damage providing!
– Split Soul(S) delay between usage require 6 Seconds!
– Animation of split soul and soul curse and Curse Storm were Fixed!
[*] Silent Land update:
– Spawn “Time” of monsters there were slightly increased
– Please refer to this topic: BATTLE POWER – DMG AND DEF % FACTOR EXPLANATIONS
[*] NEW MAX STARS Amounts per Demon = changed from 900* to 1100*


[*] Fix under Archer Skills: Shock~Burst and Violent~Bolt
These skill can be mow lvled properly until LVL 6 (Saint versions!)
Because of the fact that our server have STARS limits since some time – usage of orbs/agate and blessings is not always best idea for pets being maxed in stars… Thats why for those who needs to get rid of these – these items will be usefeul! REMEMBER: after usage on pet – you will need to relog after 5 minutes in order to see effect (DO NOT do any actions on pets within this time!).
As you all noticed today there was loads patching – over 180 mb packed (around 400 mb unpacked into client!). WHATS NEW:
– 40-50 new hairs (available at WARDROBE)
– 40-50 new avatars (available at WARDROBE)
– over 20 new casuals (for each gender!) (Can be found at: casual shop, DS Shop, Xmas Shop, HalloweenShop…
– 6 New brand Weapon Skins for EACH class (48 total new) Available at: DS shop, Weapon Skin Shop, Xmas Shop, LoveShop…
– New Followrs/Mounts/MountCards – This part will be provided little later (but they already are exist ;)).


[*] Saint Fire Blast (advanced form) for WARRIOR fixed – will shoot again in spread not in line just

[*] Archer Skill updates
– Crack shot update on range
– Heaven`s~Wrath update on cooldown and time of lasting
– and other skills like violent bolt upodated under lvls (like will be saint ver after lvl 3 etc)…

[*] Slayer Land Update
Because since longer time this map (mainly horns there) where making loads of problems of random rarely happening crashes there was made small changes for tests:
– on slayer land there will be no chance to spawn another boss/beast after killing one there. Only beasts/bosses from SPAWNS can appear on this map!

* Small Updates on Donor Packs (amount of EPs gained per pack mainly)


[*] Archer Class released!
Archer class can be switch into after completing Chapter IV story and of course after gathering enough resources (casting shards) for this need.
[*] I-IV CHAPTERS Story released
[*] New Items:
– Casting Shards (obtainable from Chapter quests and from Bosses & Beasts after completing Chapter IV
– Casting Stone – giving ability to change gear (over lvl 100/110 must be) into Any other Class gear!


NOTICE! Server DO 2.0 since few days is suffering blue screen of death (aka Bsod) – suspected damage of “system software” itself. We are preparing already New machine to move server which will be done in next day/s. Till then let have a hope any bsod wont happen 😉 After its done proepr event will happen (like always some compensations for even minutes of down…). So remain calm and keep strong – we are keeping the hand on everything 😉
Movement will be fast and almost not visible (like normal maint ;)). Nothing  will be lost etc – so no stress on anything 😉


We are turning back all to shape. In order to Start the game you will need to allow AUTOPATCHING the client – means just run the client without skipping autopatcher – you can do it via LoginTool or via Demons Online – START.exe files.

Ver 2062 is Required to be able to login!


During the weekend issue connected with latest server version problems, we decided to put into life more safe version for now. 2 days(weekend :() issues is more then enough. Until things will be sorted we will run everything on server version that unfortunately still has some issues connected with recent skills meaning: Warrios: cyclone and fourious jump, SK and Warrior: heroic and fearles, Paladin: FallingStars, Vampire: NightBats.
To be clear – Nothing (no progress or anything) were lost! This issue mostly is related with just the few new functions that were in game!
Mainly all should work similar like before besides these skills – still if anyone will experience any other issues please report right away.
For the weekend issues proper Event will be turned on – for now until we decide to put it off:
* 4x Normal Exp Grinding!
* 2x God Exp Grinding!
* Special EPs and CS Event!


[*] Patching preparing for incoming updates (yes some New NPCs with maps etc inside will be visible…) in days rest 😉
[*] Few fixes and translations…


10:00 – !!!! Since the morning (around 9 am) we are suffering issues on server side (hardware problem) and we are handling this as fast as possible. Server will be back right after the issue will be fixed – so please all stay tuned in calm 😉
12:45 – update – Server is back online – all working normally without any losses 😉


[*] Fix for Dragon Dance skill – small bug on client side happened but now fixed 😉
[*] Small adjustment for Raging Soul XP skill for better usage


[*] Necromancer Skill Updates:
– Curse Storm received small upgrade under time of reusage (since this skill is dealing 4-5 hits – its possibility to use again was given almost half second before 1st skill finish) 😉
– Split Soul were setuped to work simialr way like any other CC type – mainly like should from the begining 😉 Its SP usage were as well lowered from 50 to 30 as required only 😉
– Summons like queen cahnce to stun increased back to oroginal way with max chance 35% 😉
– Wizard Of Soul (summon skill) – were lowered under EXP required to level it up 😉
– Necro class received ability to Learn and use Properly Windbead Skill (the first version that pets as well can use.) This part is aimed to help little in pvm parts of this class 😉
New Skill book placed into Skill shop for necro. New made necro char will automatic learn this skill as base.
[Reminding WindBead details: Normal Windbead max range = 12 grids and 155 width of attach, RoyalLaw(saint version of Windbead) = max 13 grids and 165 width of attack!]
[*] SK skills Update
– small changes on WarCry, DragonGuard and BlazingStrike skill – mainly just balancing parts…
[*] Resurrector(ALL) – again change under Time of reusage – changed from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. Reason of this action is mainly about Balancing whole game on all classes. There is no chance to achieve balance without doing this part on proper way. Why? Well loads+ more hours/days of tests would clearly answer this (or just simple resoning when doing longer fights :P)
[*] Some translations and parts for Ranger Class implementation 🙂 Yes currently last tests on ranger Skills ongoing (on test serv) and in closest time (days) we are aiming to put this class into live along with few additional parts connected 😉
[*] Fantasy Spirit Demon removed from DS Shop = all who possess this pet will be handled with DS compensation as needs…


[*] Dragon Gun Update/Balancing. Dragon Gun will be performed together with GhostHunter skill – so will be able to kill even 2 pets at once if enough powerful atttack provided to enemy. Cost for this skill increased to 30 SP!
[*] SplitSoul and SoulSplit received balancing under SP requirement = 50 SP!
[*] Summoning (Hades and Queen of the Dead) for Necro got small balancing under stunning (mainly fitting both skills together).
[*] Fourious Jump UPDATE – upon jump into enemy group will provide Stun for 1 second. Cost of usage of this skill attached to 60 SP.
[*] Blazing chain skills for SK received some balancing under damages.
[*] War Cry skill for SK little rebalanced under CD time usage!
[*] Flying Trial Exp required for leveling up adjusted to be more reasonable!
[*] Skill Balancing still ongoing so more changes under skills can be expected…
[*] Resurrector (ALL) Update! CD time for re-usage changed from 3s to 10 seconds. Stack upgraded from 10 pack to 25 amount!
[*] Increase under Dinas Bone drop under Silent Land
[*] PKT maps will no longer give possibility to resurrect as a chance (it was possible like this till now basing on old ways).


[*] WindBead Skill for Demons Update – from now on all matk demons will learn lvl 5 (max) windbead by default (not like lvl 3 before). This will eliminate the limit of max 3 lvl for this skill on pets.
[*] War Cry Skill for SK Update – Experience needed to level up this skill drastically lowered – so it wont take months/years to master it 😉 Enjoy.
[*] Dragon Gun Skill for SK Update – small update under damage from this skill (to better fit realities of similar skills of this type).


[*] Small Fix for PK Room Map – added NPCs to maps where possibly player can hang…
[*] Slayer Island small Fix – maps will no longer give chance to reborn on this map upon relog…
[*] Beast Drop small update – instead of refined Amber beasts will be able to drop just Random Refined Gem


[*] Echo Pack eudemon FIX – problem was in composing this pet – wont be able such issue
[*] Soul Curse skill small update – slight increase in damage (to bring back previous better dmg vs mobs as aim)


[*] Necro Skills UPDATES:
– Queen of the Dead skill updated: Chance to stun by Summon depending on level is: 10-20%(mainly decreased little…)
– Curse Storm (old) and and Soul Curse (new version) changed to make damage: CurseStorm = 110-120% dmg and SoulCurse = 120-130% dmg (mainly bringing this to normal way – lowered by few % just! So without boosts here)
Both skill CD time changed to 2.5 seconds – almost like the skill lasting – so will not be repeated while still old skill last (so it wont be doing multiple madness damages super fast everything around multiple times by same skill! Was tooooo OP!)
When Soul Curse will be learned – will be replaced from CurseStorm skill – so only 1 can exist at same time – reason is simple – when having both – they both can be used at same time – making this Super skill x2 stronger 🙁 Thats the wrong way. So we bringing proper shape 🙁
– SoulCurse were bring to similar Fix like Curse Storm got half year ago – it was shooting to many hits within the 5 seconds time range! Was lowered to same time of usage like Curse Storm so its final amount of damages will be PROPER.
—–Summarize-> Yes these few skills were little nerfed but this action was “needed” for the sake of PVP system on server (there is no real way even to boost other classes to compete properly with necro class without this). Ultimately “IF” necro class will somehow suffer on MVP part – will be provided some additional upgrade under This part later 😉
[*] Dark Night Bat Update – slightly increased damage + CD to use this skill again.
[*] Furious~Jump Skill Update – lowered CD time to reuse this skill
[*] War Cry Skill for SK getting back to Game! Here how it works:
There are 8 lvls. depending on lvl will: * stun range between 8-13 grids * Stun Time = 2-6 seconds * CD time for skill to use again: 300-30 seconds


[*] New Voting NPC – Legion War Time VOTER!
Basing on players requests into game was placed voter thanks which everyone can give own voting decision how would wish to see Legion Wars. Choices are: Same as now = 2 times per week (Wednesday and Saturday) OR Only 1 Time per week = choose what day! Time for now is not being question – so mainly 15:00 is the TIME you need to consider currently as best. Decision will be taken until end of the week after which proper changes will be applied to life 😉
[*] well few small changes…. 🙂


[*] Saint FireBlast Sill Update: received small upgrade under range of hit
[*] Machine Dragon Update: Scores will no longer reset within same DM event (reset will happen before every MD only)
[*] Legion War Update:
– Legion Land cannot be entered by players from no winner legion between 14:00-14:59 (mainly from 14:00 until LW START)
– As well all players sitting inside LW Land between 14-15 will be moved out – so only Winners can be at LW land/castle right before LW Begn!
[*] New Event that will be happening: Gainer Land Chests!
– Everytime player wll be send to Gainer Land will be able to locate 3 chests there additionally that contains Special rewards (EPs, Stones, Refined Gems…).


– Heroic and Fearless skill change – duration time changed from 10 seconds to 30 seconds (so will be visible at least any effect)
– Queen of the Dead fix – fix proper showing amount of Exp gained until next lvl
– Divine Punishment (= Saint Defensive Circle) skill for Paladin receive +1 grid range for last lvl of this skill
– FallingStars received + 1 range and its delay time between usage changed from 25 seconds to 10!
– Tenacity skill – upgraded HP bonuses (+500HP, +1000HP, +3000HP, +5000HP and +10.000HP at highest lvl)
[*] Machine Dragon Update: leaving map or when relog or DC player will Not lose anymore Score points. Score points will only reset before begining new Machine Dragon (mainly Score is kept for whole instance of Machine Dragon from now)


[*] LEGION WAR Updates:
– Legion Pole update – HP increased to 400000000 (Defense factor = 50%)
– Legion Shield update – HP increased to 800000000 and Defense (both for patk and matk) (Defense Factor = 15%)
– Legion Gates HP increased from 10000000 to 50000000 per gate
– Legion Daily Rewards claims UPDATE:
Leader = 2.500 EPs + 20 Badges (1 claim daily)
Deputy, Honor Deputy, Leaders Spouse = 2.000 EPs daily + 20 Badges (10 claims daily)
General, Honor General, Captain, Honor Captain, Lieutenant, HonorLieut., DeputyLieut., Deputy’sSpouse, Deputy’sAide, LeadSpouseAide, Secretary, LeaderSecretary = 15 Badges + 1.500 EPs (16 claims daily)
All other positions higher then Common Member = 500 EPs + 5 Badges (5 max claims daily)
[*] Daily PP reward Update!
All players will daily receive via mail 500-1.000 PPs depending on GPP amount.
[*] Resurrector NPC update – price in PPs for resurrection rised from 10 to 50 PPs (to fit new PPs providing).
– Heroic and Fearless skill change – duration time changed from 10 seconds to 30 seconds (so will be visible at least any effect)
– Queen of the Dead fix – fix proper showing amount of Exp gained until next lvl
– Divine Punishment (= Saint Defensive Circle) skill for Paladin receive +1 grid range for last lvl of this skill
– FallingStars received + 1 range and its delay time between usage changed from 25 seconds to 10!
– New ITEM SWITCHER – ability to convert item into same item inside its shell (example SmeltSymbol into SmeltSymbol[BAG] – useful for items that was opened from shell but you still wish to make it back into shell 😉
– New ITEM UPGRADER – ability to upgrade items like +1 Genesis Stone into +2 Genesis Stone or +3 Genesis Stone …
– GODS BOXES NPC – added one more gods box dealer – for 10 super of each boxes player can decide to exchange into some other resources like shards or eps…
– TENACITY skill has 5 levels (+500HP, +1000HP, +3000HP, +5000HP and +10.000HP at highest lvl)
Depending on level player can upgrade own skill for free: <125lvl = 1st lvl, 126-128lvl = 2nd lvl, 129-130lvl = 3rd lvl, 130-135lvl = 4th lvl, 136+ = 5th max lvl
– BLOODTHIRSTY has 9 lvls
Depending on player level can upgrade skill for free:
<125lvl = 1st lvl
125-127 = 2nd lvl
128-130 = 3rd lvl
131-132 = 4th lvl
133-135 = 5th lvl
136-137 = 6th lvl
138-139 = 7th lvl
140-141 = 8th lvl
142+ = 9th lvl

[*] Silent Land Cave Keys UPDATE: Now they are stackable till 50 amounts. Hope this will help many in this part.
[*] Special Exp Ball Pack items UPDATE: they are now stackable till 100 amounts (yes the ones that providing 10/15/20 amount). This update is for all new bought packs from Composer Shard Shop!
[*] New Item: Unlimited XP Booster – kind of DS type of item – obtainable at DS shop for 300 DS. Can provide Full XP in unlimited amounts – well enjoy (and dont overdo ;))
[*] Legion Lands Updates:
– Shield and Pole HP increased by 50%
– Shield and Pole Def increased from 100% to 50%
– Amount of possible daily claims by members of Winner Legion from Rewarder Increased x2!
New PKT Time daily/weekly/monthly will happen at 17:00 Server time (not like before 19:00!)!!

Today Limit increasing from 600* per pet into 700* per Pet max! Enjoy!
[*] Unixes 36* are removed from EPs Shop (wasnt realy bigger usage from them so better not mess in heads). Reminding – using unixes 30* when 25* as minor is needed will give better effects in the end on composes (on stats) 😉

[*] New item 5.000% Special Exp ball – like title say – special exp ball containing 50x normal exp amount. For higher levels wont do much but for lower lvls + on pets can be useful 😉 Obtainable from Beasts or from shop via Compose Shards.
[*] New Easter Events addons:
– New Easter NPC arrived along with new Easter Egg Shard item usable inside it. Inside shop its possible to buy casual stuff like mount cards, garments, followers or umbrellas…
– New Easter egg shards dropping during event from all mobs
– New EASTER BEAST. Easter Beast will appear during easter event every 2 hours (1:30, 9:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:30, 21:30, 23:30). Each Easter Beast will spawn at CRONUS coords: 487 435). There are 4 types of this beast – when 1 die another harder will spawn at same 487 435 Cronus spot. Each beast will provide DROP of loads of items (100-1.000 Eps packs, shards packs etc).
If beast will not be slayed before next spawn after 2 hours – it will be removed and replaced by new! Mainly every 2 hours all Easter beasts will be cleaned to restart the event.
When 4th – last beast will be slayed will give 25% chance to respawn first beast – so the process will repeat!
SUGGESTION- Obviously beasts are aimed to be killed by multiple players! There is no individual gains but drop – who first pick up drop will be his! Good luck!
20.04.2019 UPDATE – Amount of DROP increased and more spreaded for easier pickup for many players + DROP can be picked up by EVERYONE right away (no matter who will be the killer!)

[*] Composer panel – Auto-Compose button changed name to Auto-Minor-Input – there was all time questions how this works. This button is used to auto place minor pets to compose panel – as long minor are same type as major (does not work with unixes!).
[*] Cheetah summon mount size adjusted 🙂
[*] Beasts update – beasts will reset now daily only 2 times (5:54 and 17:54) (reset is about the ones with icons on minimap).
[*] Adv. Cata Updates:
– Shop: 20exp(for 130+ lvls) pot priced for 1 super red stone, 30 exp pot (for lvl 132+) priced for 2 super red stones) and 50exp pot (fro 135+ lvls) priced for 3 super red stones = all possible to store inside WH (not like before was for 20exp pot ;))
– Spawn Amount inside advance cata slightly increased
[*] Focus Land – slightly increased amount of shards received from chests (eggs, mouunts and item gear shards ones).
[*] Starlit, Lunar and Divine Jewel under God Soul Shard Shop changed to be buy-able via SmeltSymbols!
[*] Spirit Stones under God Soul Shard Shop updaed in prices!
[*] Machine Dragon Maps – now are possible to use random portals under PKable maps!
[*] Gainer Land update – rewards slightly increased (not 50 eps but 100 eps bag can be obtained, more unixes 12 and 20 as well!)\
[*] IceMaze map update – 10% exp increase + small upgrade under mobs amount!
[*] RAGNAROK map updates:
– Exp rate increased (god exp and normal exp gaining on this map)
– God soul shards rate gaining increased
– increased number of mobs spawning 🙂
[*] Easter event slowly started – proper ones will begin at 19.04.2019 😉

[*] Nobility ranking reset – so until players wont login their nobility donations wont be visible 😉

[*] Small fix for blazing fire skill for mage – now will be properly exping 😉
[*]Update for GPP – limit of GPP for rewarding is setuped to 100 (means if reward for example bounty is 2x Unix12* x GPP will mean cannot be bigger then 2×100. Still counter of GPP amount will be rising higher in rankings 😉

[*] Seth updates:
– rewards for 10% life hit increased from 200 to 500 eps
– rewards for Final Lucky Strike on Seth increased from 1.000 to 1.500 EPs (total 2.000 as last hit anyway coming with 10% hit ;))
[*] Machine Dragon updates:
– Best Scrore hit will provide 1.000 EPs + 20xGPP amount in eps (means top 100 GPP can get even 3.000 EPs with best score ;))
We are putting max stars per pet to be able to compose as 600* at current moment. This will allow all new players to feel safer with ability to catch up… as well top players wont feel huge pressure under all time speeding up 😉 This limit will be increased slowly every month depending on amount of players with maxed 600* pets (by 50-100* per pet ;)).

[*] Tianweiblasting skill for make via divine skill shards – for now removed from shop because this skill doesnt really properly work… If manage to fix it will be back…
[*] Adjustment/Fix for Machine Dragon:
– killing Bone Dragon and Machine Dragon provides just 1 Score point (this is to avoid unfair cases when multiple players/characters hunting at same map…)
– Winner will be properly now announced when player with best score will finish MD after killing dragons.

[*] Fix for SacredWeapon Skill Effect – for the newest skills – problem was that some skills e.g. Blass for SK when weearing Sacred skin – effect of the magic wasnt visible = Fixed.
[*] Seth adjustments. Little changed way in order to upgrade performance of this event 😉 Getting little more with little less chance just – in effect Seth providing at least rewards then before (means little more)
[*] Cheetah mount – 20% increased Size of this mount when riding (closing more to wolf size ;)).
[*] Upon entering PKT player will be granted with Resurrector item x1 – item that cannot use at PKT but will be able when done to fix after fight 😉
[*] Super HP Potion bag added to Item shop for 15 item gear shard price (not stackable item, when open provides 6×2500 HP pots).

[*] Boss drop update – added clover packs as possible drop (will have 50% chance to drop spec exp ball or clover pack now vs before just spec exp ball under this chance)
[*] Silent Land Keys drop little nerfed – will be dropping some less keys (was to many in general)
[*] Update under Machine Dragon event
– when Machine Dragon will spawn at center – will inform player (at this certain map only) about this very clearly.
Every player participating at dragon machine event will be getting score points per kills (1 point per minion kill, 150 points per Bone Dragon kill and 400 points for Machine Dragon kill). Score will reset upon every machine map entry. Score will be visible for player on left side of screen after killing minions. When Machine Dragon will come to an end (time over) player with Best score will be granted with additional 1.000 EPs and system will announce winner at broadcast!
[*] PATHFINDER update – the pathfinder button under mini map when used will now show proper choices with available NPCs for Cronus (shops, events etc is now available there now).
[*] New Item – Exp Potion x20 – lasting 30 minutes! This item can be purchased for 3 Super Red Stones at Advanced Cata Maze Shop (20xExpPotion(30min) = Not tradable, usable for 130+ lvls!).

[*] Small fix for Exp pots – avoid possibility to use more until previous will finish etc…
[*] SuperWarper item received additional location to teleport to: SilentLand 😉
[*] Dragon Cave Event updated to give 5% minimum EXP instead of 2% per run (after 130 lvl you will understand its good amount for few minutes action;))
[*] Ragnarok and BloomingGarden maps Updates:
– Normal Exp from Ragnarok mobs increased Highly to fit needs of higher levels and pleasure of grinding there (to see some effects) 😉 So Ragnarok should be visible as ultaimate divine map giving loads of divine and normal exp together 😉
– each Ragnarok Spot received additionally +2 monsters to spawn (making over 1500+ more mobs on whole map spawninig)
– BloomingGarden lost 1 mob from each spawn spot (around 400 less mobs on whole map spawning) – to fit Ragnarok map update 😉
[*] BEASTS update:
All higher beasts (beasides the ones that are visible at minimap) will be giving random % experience upon Kill (ranging between 0.02% till 0.20% depending on beast hardness and luck).
[*] Silent Land Drop update – Holy Stone Material – provided 20% additional chance to drop it from Silent Land Mobs (Corrupted or Fallen Only!)
[*] NEW MAP: ADVANCED CATA! New Map rules:
– can be entered by player with lvl at least 130+ ONLY
– player can enter 4 times daily only – reset every 00:00
– player under every entry can hunt at adv. cata for max 30 minutes (during this time can leave map and enter without losing next attempts! Attempt will be taken only if any 30 mins run isnt ongoing!)
– EXP rate at Advance Cata = x5 vs normal cata! (Yes you can use there 20x Exp pot and yes will be nicely awarded with exp!)
– Adva.cata has exact amount of Mobs and Bosses like Normal cata – But will not have Beasts! This means loads of bosses and mobs just for action.
– Gains etc from advance cata are exactly under same rules like normal cata – means when cata mob is slayed you have exactly same chance of gaining anything like at normal cata.
– Bounty for Cata/Lost Land kills will count as well adv.cata slays!
– Cata Monosters specification: 100.000 HP and 150 lvl

[*] Rainbow Pegasus SKIN name changed to Violet Pegasus – to avoid misunderstanding with as well existing mount type called Rainbow Pegasus which is not for this skin!
[*] Gains of Divine Skill Shards from Divine lands slightly (not much but some reasonable way) increased!
[*] Shadow Knight class received one more skill – called “Heroic and Fearless” – when used will give 50% HP bonus and 30% Dmg reduction for next 10 seconds (cooldown time 50 seconds).
[*] Small fix for Cyclone skill – book properly set for warrior class and skill action will be proper now.
[*] Small adjustments under Composer Shop – eudemon crystal prices balanced 😉
[*] New Rookie II Quest – its mainly temporary achievement (to point aims for newbies) till implementing story mode (soon). Aim is simple – achieve God lvl 1.
[*] New Silent Land Bounty -> kill 200 silent land mobs daily to receive: 100x Dinas Bone, Blessing Core and 2x P4|Gift EXP Stone + 500 Eps.
[*] Silent Land Updates:
– Shop at Hassel NPC (located at Silent Land) will now offer more materials for the price of Dinas Bones. Some materials prices rised and some materials added.
– Drop from All Silent Land mobs will give additional chance to drop Dinas Bone (yes just little more to drop so will be better way to trade for other lackig materials).
[*] PKT rewards UPDATED
– rewards for surviving till next stage (1-2[big to medium map] and 2-3[medium to small map]) will provide now with way greater EPs rewards!!!
– Winning daily, weekly or monthly PKT will provide way greater amount of EPs!

[*] Loggers are not tradable, not droppable, not sellable but can be stored at WH -> yes still shop is off but soon soon 😉
[*] Exp pot effects moved to better spot near player nickname
[*] Bounties Updates:
– Bounty Rewards will now show proper reward info (for divine lands bounties was showing wrong GPPxX rewards before… not anymore ;))
[*] Saint Blessing items price updated
[*] New Skill Books available at Divine Skill Shop (new end game skills that require goddess phase = 5 in order to learn!). Each skill book cost 5.000 Divine Skill Shards. Totally 20 new skills to be learn. Some classes received more some less skills->hopefully in little by little proper balance in skills will arrive 😉
[*] Goddess small Updates
– drop of items needed to awaken goddess from cave bosses changed = now every kill will provide 1 random of such item (before was that it has 50% chance to drop such item at kill)
– General drop from Silent Land mobs slightly increased = resulting getting more materials for Servants!

[*] Bounty Quests Update:
– Cata/LostLand Easy 2.000 Kills REWARD: 250 CS (CHANGE: 1k to 2k kills)
– Cata/LostLand Elite 10.000 Kills NEW REWARD: 2xUnix20* + 500 CS + 10CSxGPP + 200 EPs
– IceMaze Easy 2.000 Kills REWARD: 500 CS (CHANGE: 1k to 2k kills)
– IceMaze Elite 10.000 Kills NEW REWARD: 2 unix25* x (every 20GPP) + 1.000 CS + 20 CSxGPP + 500 EPs
– Elysium Hunt 10.000 Kills NEW REWARD: 300 GodSoulShard + 200 DivineSkillShards + 1xUnix12* x GPP + 300 EPs
– BlooomingGarden Hunt 10.000 Kills NEW REWARD: 500 GodSoulShard + 100 FollowerShard + 2xUnix12* x GPP + 500 EPs
– Ragnarok Hunt 10.000 Kills NEW REWARD: 800 GodSoulShard + 100 FollowerShard + 2xUnix12* x GPP + 1.000 EPs
[*] New Rookie Task added:
Description: Slay 20.000 monsters + reach 110 lvl in order to unlock GPP(Global Player Power) that will open path to new journey!
Reward: 3.000 Item/Gear shards + 2.000 Egg Shards + 200 Composer Shards + 100 EPs
[*] New NPC – Voting Center:
At Cronus (291:418) It is now possible to Vote for the server at 5 links (Please do it properly – its for the sake of server population ;)).
Every vote on 1 link will provide SethBlood and Loggers(Loggers shop will become soon available along with meditation feature).
[*] Few fixes: icons for random normal gem, cata mounting…

[*] Lost Land small update
– amounts of spawned mobs at LostLand little adjusted to make closer to Cata results…
[*] Pets that weren’t possible to change back to eggs via NPC but should – are now set to be. Please notice that some pets like PurpleRoland or wolfes etc (the precious ones) dont have such ability (there are reasons for this :)).
[*] Horns update: From now on Boss and Beasts Horns will be possible to drop from Bosses and Beasts Outside Slayer Land. In other words – when slaying beasts/bosses at slayer island froom horns – they wont drop there more horns. Horns can drop only at Old Lands and Divine Lands when beast is slayed there.
[*] New Item: Super Eud Crystal Pack – in short – its a special eudemon crystal adding exp but this one will add in amount of 3500 when used! This item can be only dropped from all kind of Beasts!
[*] Bosses updates:
– From now on Bosses will not drop directly gems but will do it by Dropping new Item: Random Normal Gem (this game has option to provide one of the 4 normal gems: Amber/Sapphire/Citrine/beryl – yes there is no amethyst! Its stackable till 500 amount).
– Starting from today amounts of Bosses Kills will be Counted for every player! Rules: Every 20 Normal(old lands) Boss kills provide +1 Boss Kill Point. For every 10 Divine Bosses kills will provide +1 Boss Kill Point.
[*] MAPS updates:
– CataMaze: Its again possible to MOUNT at this map But View is little changed – t be 20% smaller.
slayer lands maps update: player position wont be saved for these maps (so on relog will not reappear there!)
[*] ANONYMOUS System implementation:
– Under Effect Manager/Character Manager NPC will be possible to turn on and off ANONYOMOUS MODE. Cost 200 EPs for 24 hours. Can be turned on once per 48 hours (so yes every second day). Effect: on left top message window will not be appearing player details!
[*] GodEudemom Stone update – price under shop lowered to just 100 Item|Gear shards. Additionally newbies will be granted with this Stone automatically upon reaching lvl 50!
[*] Mounts from DS shop: MonsterDragon, BambooWalker, RedLotus, PurpleRoland, EmperorThor, PhantomCat, Skybreaker, SnowNIght, Venus~Fox~Alexia, Aphrodite~Fox~Lucrecia, Azure~Unicorn, Aurora~Unicorn, EagleSorronda, PurpleWingDragon, PurpleWingIrena, BlackCheetah and Beast.Master that is available via Eggs – received option to be appointed as Any Knight of the Round Table!

[*] Additional adjustment under SK Fiery Chain Skill – little more adjustment under power to fit better reality of patk dmg vs rest class
[*] TALENTS / GIFTS Fix – all currently existing ways of talents should now properly work (hp will give proper hp and BP will be properly catch-able as well pdefs and reductors).
– next week work under Talents will continue -> will be provided new items for 4th and 5th talent slots with nicer effects (and will be provided guide with in game available talents)
– next week deeper work under skills will happen – mostly under Goddess related skills – so effects on some skills (aka fireblast of warrior) will be seen properly as well some new skills will appear pretty for each class for usage. More info will be given next week 😉

-> WindBead Skill UPDATE! Windbead has been adjusted to fit better Old days of its glory. Its casting speed has been increased. So yes you will see difference while hunting with summoned pet and shooting around (still remember that summoned pets are limited in defenses becauase until you are mage (or necro mage) class they wont share def/hp – so be careful on higher maps ;)). Well hope more will enjoy this skill again now.
-> Hades saint update – upgraded HP and Def to fit better this skill to official version
-> Saint FireBlast for warrior skill – fixed animation to be visible when applied + upgrade under DMG giving
-> Burning Moon skill for warriors received upgrade under Dmg (from 75% pdmg to 100%)
-> Bloody Storm/Saint Bloody Storm skill for Vampires – received +1 grid in range + slightly increased DMG
-> Split Blood for vampires receive boost in dmg from 80% to 100%
-> Flame Shocks and Blazing Strikes Skills for Shadow Knight update -> adjusted properly ranges + slightly updated power
-> Fiery Chain for SK update – increased range and dmg given
-> Defensive Circler + Saint Defensive Circle – range increased by 1 grid + slight increase under DMG
[*] FIX for items stashing at Warehouse => All items that were granted with Bounty e.g.: Resurrectors couldnt be placed into WH – now will be possible. Free mount cards (Rhino/Dino/Jaberrwock) wasnt possible to place into WH – now will be! same for rest items that will be obtainable via Gifts.
[*] BEAST updates:
– Size little decreased of beasts to provide better visibility (size rising along with power of beast – so higher levles are bigger obviously)
– Beasts (besides the first ones that spawning and are on minimap visible e.g. BEAST_200) received REFLECT ability – 5% chance to cast with 1% reflect effect -> yes you must be little more careful from now on 😉
[*] Black Cheetah egg clarification – this mount type has same stats under rising like BambooWalker mount! BUT it has no summon 2 limits.
[*] New item -> Kings Treasure. Its nothing more then making life little easier Nobility booster. Till now inside Shop for 150 item shards was available Gold Statue (giving 5mill nobi). This new item will grant 500Mill Nobility instantly (100x more then old one) for price of course 100 bigger as well -> Available as well under Item|Gear Shop 😉
[*] Update under Daily Gifts (the ones that are provided on Mail) – depending on GPP reward will be better (more PPs and generally SethBlood instead of exp stones).
[*] Goddess/Servant Update!
– All materials updated to be stackable till 1.000 amounts instead of 100
– SHOP under Silent Land will offer now option to exchange special high level materials for price of Dinas Bone – Thats some way of solution to obtain materials before properly Mad City will be implemented 😉
[*] LOST LAND Update
– Bosses at LostLand increased in spots
– Mobs at LostLands – well totally remodeled – should be similar to cata grinding in amounts 😉
– Beasts have some better chance to spawn at Lost Land then before.
[*] DIVINE LANDS Updates:
– Elysium received small boost under god exp gain (10% around)
– Blooming Garden – lost few mobs from spawns (mainly to minimize huge groups of mobs in some places) but receive slight increase in god exp gain
– God Soul Shards gain on Divine Lands increased by little (more like to fit adjustments just) 😉

[*] PVM and PVP small mechanic adjustments:
* Intimacy/Loyalty of pets from now on will matter. Your max demon Intimacy/Loyalty = 150.
(reminder: Loyalty/Intimacy Increase: 1. If you keep the demon with you  2. Summon it in fight its level up will increase its loyalty. 3)Compose it  Decrease: 1. If the demon is killed or is dead. 2. Exchange it with others, the exchange will cause a decrease in loyalty.) When loyalty go to low pet  wont be possible to summon. Loyalty/Intimacy amount influencing on DMG you receiving from this demon! So keep attention on this matter 😉
* PVM and PVP dmg will rise basing on Attributes coming from used Demons! This means from now on patk/matk attributes on pets will provide way more boost to character total damage! So yes rising pets stats will matter more.
* PVP damage coming from BP difference was slightly lowered per each BP range (example: every 2 BP diff will give 0.8% dmg boost instead of 1% to base dmg) -> this part is made to fit the previous change under dmg coming from pets.
[*] Mobs at Ragnarok revived upgrade under God Exp gain!
[*] PKT awaiting room / All Dragon Cave maps => received Full block of PK ability
[*] Resurrection NPC placed in center of cata (the one that can be used via Gold EPs PPs)

[*] ALL stone and Gems packs updated in quantity – from 10 to 100 max
[*] Weapon Skins fixes – all newer weapon skins (available via DS shop even) problem with impossibility to use by female = fixed…
In same time first test on making individual limited weapon skins happened… about this in future more 😉
[*] Smelt Stones removed from possibility to buy via Item Shards. Currently this item can be obtained by God Soul Shards (5 God Soul Shard each) or in big amounts received during Machine Dragon Event!
[*] Some additional adjustments under Super Warper and Short Cutter Items – to make its usage even more easier daily…
[*] Mage Skills Fixes (elemental mage types) that couldn’t rise to max 5 lvl now will be able (yes by default was aimed to be obtainable via quest etc).
[*] Small adjustments under Spirits – brought back to “default” “original” settings on chances.
[*] 20xClover and 20xExpBallPackB handling – there was problem when opening both to fast player got DC. Added delayer of 1 second between these 2 items to avoid this problem.
[*] Special valentine effect (the one with heart in flowers) Fix – effect was disappearing after 10 minutes… until relog etc… now will be properly kept until remove via NPC.
[*] Def on Guards increased 🙂
[*] Lion.Heart Mount added to Mount Shop for 10.000 Mount Egg Shards
[*] Machine Dragon Update – Genesis Stones and Smelt stone are not under Auto Gain instead of Drops. Only Talismans will be found-able there as “drop” – yes yes easier life.
[*] Adjustments under PKT rewards:
– Monthly shop for Monthly Badges updated – instead of 500 CS for 20 badges now is 10 badges for 1.000 composer shards (more realistic and reliable with sense price for Monthly actions).
Demon Skins Shards and Casuals shards changed – 100 shards each for 1 Badge only
– Monthly rewards for winning small update: gold gain increased, additionally on mail will be provided random refined gems packs in amounts 5-30 depending on pkt cap!
– Weekly rewards for winning receive update in gold reward + random refined gems as additional reward (3-7 amounts depending on cap).
[*] Small corrections/adjustments under TIPs
[*] Resurrector Update – Resurrection NPCs will now resurrect for: 100.000 Gold or 10 PPs or 5 EPs depends on your choice!
[*] Phantom Cat Mount update + Elemental Call skill Update – both cases when summoned will show higher better stage of this mount (like over 100*).

[*] Short-cutter updates. Some additional adjustments under short-cutter – for Stones part – to make it even easier in usage for hunters 😉
[*] Fix for the Broadcasting items messaging. Problem was that when item was BCed it didnt show whole name – just first part until first space. Now will show full proper name 😉
[*] Dragon Cave adjustment: Last boss nerfed in damage giving.
[*] GEAR SHOP Update -> price for Starlit Jewel, Lunar Jewel, Divine Jewel lowered! So now making Bonus on gear till +12 wont be that big pain 😉 [Reminding that these items can be bought via Item|Gear Shards and for God Soul Shards!]
[*] NPC Hassel at Silent Land received option “DETAILS” that will guide player into topic with this feature details at website.
[*] MARRIAGE Fix – getting married is now fixed and will be possible via NPC. In order to get married you will need to get into Party with chosen one and then talk with Marriage Lady at market – then both one by one confirm this eager 😉
[*] EPs Shard SHOP – added Iron Ore 10 to shop via 1 EP Shard each -> 10 of these + 500.000 gold will be required to divorce if needed 🙂
[*] Market Zone Shards Buyer update -> Divine Eggs Shards selling price changed. Was 500 Divine Eggs for 500 eps offer NOW will be 250 divine eggs for 500 eps offered 😉 (This way worth of all egg shards will be properly balanced in shops).
[*] New item: Divine Box – this item will instantly make 3rd socket inside chosen gear! It can be obtained via 300 SmeltSymbol under Gear Shop and God Soul Shops at market!
– this NPC will be handling all kind of Effects cases. Here you can buy via EPs Shards special effects with time limits as well here you can remove ALL existing in game special effects such as: PKT daily/weekly/monthly effects or valentine and other ones…
[*] New item: ValentineEffect1 and ValentineEffect2 – Both can provide special valentine effects for next 24 hours (when you remove this effect in first 5 minutes after usage you will get its item back!). Items are not tradable (personal ones).
Valentine effects items as well will be available under Love Shop for 1.000 Love Shards price each.
[*] Adjustments under EXP pot Special effects (the ball that is hanging on players head when under effect). In order to fit its visibility VS other effects – was little moved up.
[*] AUCTION System UPDATE. Auctioner from now one will be working on EPs – not Gold like was before. So if wish to auction Some items – Just do it and grab good amounts of EPs from bidders 😉
[*] New/upgraded ANNOUNCEMENT TIPS based system. Randomly from time to time system will broadcast some tips at Center of screen or directly at Broadcast. This feature will be receiving more tips along the time – aim: provide additional info to players that might think where and that…
[*] Many small adjustments visible and not that no need to mention 😉

[*] Normal Drop maps adjustments:
– all single shards drops from mobs were removed.
– all mobs instead of single shards often drop will have some rare chance to drop 100 shards pack instead (its DROP not GAIN!)
[*] Low level maps adjustments:
– small updates under leveling up under old lands for players till lvl 110
– Players until level 100 will not be bugged by anty cheating system!
[*] Dragon Cave Quest FIX
There was issue with this quest connected with certain mob that had ability to re spawn. Unfortunately newest skills (aka curse soul) were making unlimited loop of kill->reborn of them.
FIXED so no more crashes coming from this kind of reasons!
– Dragon Cave Quest will be happening form now on within 2 time ranges: 10:30-10:59 and 22:30-22:59 Server time!
– SETH Attack Event will be happening now 3 times per day: 11:00-11:15 / 16:00-16:15 / 23:00-23:15 Server time! (amounts of Seth HP adjusted to fit new little shorter max time!)
[*] Update under Eggs description. All demons that are limited with max 2 summonings receive proper info under Egg (so please read what you buying;)). Here is list of these demons:
WarriorLulu, MageDodo, ImmortalPhoenix, ThunderRabbit, MoonlightRabbit, JazzyRabbit, RabbitLori, DragonOzachy, Laird, Aidos, DreamSleigh, FeatherGalina, Glory~Citra, Gloom~Diego, PegasusPumpkinCarriage, EagleSorronda, Skybreaker, SnowNIght, PurpleWingDragon, PurpleWingIrena, Frostwolf~Ghost, Frostwolf~Gladys, WukongSpirit, WukongKing, MonsterDragon, BambooWalker, RedLotus, PurpleRoland, EmperorThor
[*] SKIN Shops Update
– Skin Shards Shop update – few skins were moved as DS option only
– DS Shop – All Demons skins price in DS were nerfed from 250 to 150 worth to be easier achieved and more adequate.
[*] DS Shop – removed fully spirits from it – market by own deciding on this feature 😉
[*] Composer Shards SHOP Update -> Added new item “Clover Pack x20” for 40 Composer Shards. This new item can be stacked till 1.000 amount. Opening it will provide 20x Clovers right away into bag.
[*] Daily Event Voter Update:
– changed way of mechanics – from now will always keep record until 00:00 reset (even if maintenance or any disaster other happen ;)).
– changed way of voting – Power of Votes depends on player GPP!
– added Reminder, every 1 hour player will receive reminder that can Vote on events if didnt yet done it this day.
[*] Gods Blessing Update:
– all players while being at Cronus/Makret – will automatically every 60 seconds lose XX amount of Anty Cheat Kills where X is amount of player GPP! This means if player gathered 1400 anty cheat kills, by being enough long at Cronus will decrease it.
[*] BP Factor update: Base X% Bonus on First BP difference where X= 20 changed into: Base X% Bonus on First BP difference where X= 5. This means when player will be 7 BP higher then enemy it will not get 20% bonus but just 5%. To get rest % will need to be higher – currently to receive 95% bonus player must be 635 BP higher!
[*] Some minor additional translations and performance adjustments…

[*] Faith Tomb Hell difficulty Fix – will be spawning properly from second boss now
[*] Seth update – additional block on getting into map with pets blocked 😉 (still even with pets wasnt changing much in this version ;))
[*] Small fixes under Focus Land (mostly error handlings…)

[*] AUTO REMINDER – every 1 hour system will check if player claimed VIP Wage and VIP daily bonus – if not will remind 😉
[*] PKT – added messages whenever player are moved to next stage + info on amounts of eps gained this way
[*] Removal of some monster magics effects:
– IceMaze/Silent Land mobs reflect magic possibility to get cursed with – removed (CAVES at silent land not touched – losing reflect attaching only to mobs on silent land map directly)
– Dragon Cave mobs – attacks by magic from them removed – simply wont be visible magics coming from mobs besides not much changed 😉
[*] AMETHYST(yes the one that gives durability bonus) – this gem was removed from all drops besides possibility to still see it under BOSSES drops – as normal max gem (leaving if anyone ever will see needs for it anyway). Other parts of game like Faith Tomb wont be anymore dropping this!
[*] Again some more additional game adjustments (more like visibility parts).

[*] FIX for Demons Attacks – till now monsters were not performing attacks when summoned – now they will!
[*] FIX on Focus Land – was bug that sometimes was possible to enter with summoned pets – wont be anymore…
[*] More Minor translations and more Chinese graphic replacements…
[*] Warper Update – now will be easier to use and more places to teleport to 😉
[*] ShortCutter Update – some adjustments – simple and more clear usage presented.

[*] Update on SethBlood – will be moved from main bag to shards bad – as type of currency 😉 (will catch on 2037+ patch)
[*] Horns Update – on right click will be pathfinding directly to Slayer Island Teleporter 😉 – already running
[*] DS Shop Fix – there was error on suits for DS price – fixed now
[*] EPs Shard Shop – there was error in 1 item – should be 1k instead of 500 for price of 10 eps (item shards pack) – fixed now 😉
[*] Mounting at cata removed – mainly reasons of map specification. Original cata without mounting just fit best!
[*] GUARDS upgraded – Their level now is set to 2.000
[*] Divine Bosses will now be calculated as Bosses Kills to Boss Bounty

[*] SETH UPDATE. Yes new daily event is now available. Please refer to this topic for more details: SETH UNCHAINED.
[*] BOSS/BEAST/DIVINE BEAST HORNS – New feature – please check details here: BEAST HORNS.
[*] PKT Special Effects FIX – there was some issue with effects appearing in wrong height – fixed now.
[*] Demons Skins are possible now to sell for EPs at market zone
[*] BAG FIX – there was some issue with spawning bosses and monsters made by counter of kills inside – so sometimes boss respawn additionally – this is fixed now 😉
[*] Faith Tomb Fix – there was some issue with spawning bosses and monsters made by counter of kills inside – so sometimes boss respawn additionally – this is fixed now 😉
[*] Paladin class update
– Received special Paladin Class item – binded to class (yes will take 1 spot in Bag). Item called “PaladinRefresher”. Because paladins class suffer with resurrectors skills bugged – this item will be giving this class option to use resurrect on itself.
=> Item can be used 10 times per day with 10 seconds delays time. Its effect is to resurrect all demons on caharacter (or just recover full health on all demons).
[*] 6 New followers released and available for usage
– All 6 followers are possible to buy via Follower Shards at Follower Shards Shop
– 1 Follower is possible to buy via SethBlood at SethShop
[*] New generalization under Action messages implemented (details about players will appear more clearly and in certain template whenver happen any action – left top part of chat related)
[*] Beasts Update:
– Beasts (the base spawned ones: Beast_200 and DivineBeast_500) will be cleaned 4 times per day at hours: 5:55 / 11:55 / 17:55 / 23:55 / – any other that spawned from other beasts will remain not touched 😉
[*] BOUNTY Quests Update/Addons
– Adjustments and Fix under current bounties to prevent showing up higher stages of bounties along with lower – only 1 at once will be now 😉
– New Bounties arrived!! DIVINE LANDS received own Bounties. For each 10k kills on each divine map player will be able to obtain additional bounty reward when completed 😉 CREDITS to Sweetcandy!!!! 🙂
– Dragon Cave / Machine Dragon and Seth Quest/Tasks will appear only within time range of these events (besides will be not tracked as no needs!).
[*] DARK CHESTS update
– Dark chests will spawn in lower amounts but in same time will be granting way better rewards. So now will be less around but more appreciated openinigs 😉
[*] Announcements – some quests/events like dragon cave/seth received proper reminders before and when will be opened
[*] DS SHOP update – all suits inside DS shop price lowered from 250 to 200! And few new casuals added.
[*] Xmas Shop – received 2 new casuals (yes yes even for later needs will be ready ;))
[*] Some and many little fixes (texts, arrangments etc)…

[*] Legion REWARDS upgrade!
– Killing monsters on Legion Land will provide now 3x more EPs with better chance then before! (same for challengers and defenders!)
– Reminding that Pole and Shield are setup ed to provide as well Nice rewards when being hit! (this is for challengers!)
– Daily rewards for Legion Winners Upgraded – will provide way way more EPs and some more badges depending on rank!
[*] Spirits lvl 9 removed from DS Shop -> reason for this: making spirits does not require needs to buy via DS – to not make newcomers bad image how players getting them (not via donations!) we are leaving just lvl 1 there for additional needs for symbolic 2 DS!
[*] BEAST BOUNTY Quest update
– Eaasy: 5 times spirit stone + 1x GodTear + 2xUnix25* for 10 kills
– Elite: 5 times spirit stone + 2x GodTear + 4xUnix25* for 25 kills
– Super: 5 times spirit stone + 3x GodTear + 6xUnix25* for 50 kills
[*] Dragon Cave rewards update!
– EXP (20% / 10% / 6% / 2%)
– 10x ressurectors (instead of 5 before)
– 24h gods blesing (like was)
– 5k sacred points (like was)
– unixes 4 x 12 minimum – and if player is over 5 GPP will gain +1 unix 20 for each 5 GPP (so 2x more then till now).
[*] Bounty Tasks panel upgrades (Thanks Sweetcandy)
– from now one when player will enter map aka Catamaze or ice maze – Bounty Task for this map will show up on Top of others tasks. Same for tasks related for Cronus map etc 😉
[*] Big Updates under Client:
– 5 brand New Avatars available at Wardrobe!
– 5 brand New hairs available at Wardrobe!
– 6 brand New Casuals implemented – will be provided to usage in days!
– 6 brand New Followers applied to usage – will be available on next update via shop already!
– 1 brand new Mount via Card – will be available via incoming events!
– few more stuff that will be visible in time 😉

[*] Nobility Ranks Reset – since there are few players top ranked that didnt login to game since few weeks – decision was made to make reset. Until player with enough amount of nobi donated login to game – will not be shown on ranking 😉
[*] DS shop update – Mount Cards were degraded under prices for DS – mostly all are worth 250 DS only. Additonally Purple irena card was added to shop!
[*] DS packs update – amount of EPs received from these packs increased!
[*] EPs Shards Shop Update – Egg Shards were added to shop – and prices fited to good rates 😉
[*] EPs sellers for Shards at market Zone Fully Updated! NEW PRICE and RATES that should fit needs!
[*] Beasts Update – from now on after killing beast there will be exactly 50% chance to spawn next lvl Beast and 30% to spawn best beast on last steps! Enjoy the ride 😉
[*] Saint Blessing items (the ones that adding star ponts and reborns to pets) added to UNIXES FORGER panel (shop)
[*] Some fixes on texts etc…
[*] Starters Update – Cards: Dino/Rhino/Jabberwock will be provided as free cards (Not tradable) for everyone usages from very begining (no time usage limit). White Tiger card will be provided to newbies for first 5 days usage.
[*] Faith Tomb  Update:
– rewards update – more good unixes will be possible to drop from Bosses!
– Def on Monsters inside Tomb little decreased – in order to bring faster killing 😉

[*] Dark Chests update – rewards from opening them increased at last x2 times! As well time require to open little adjusted to be even better and faster 😉
[*] Beasts update – possibility to drop unixes changed – now will be more unixes 12* dropping instead of 3* ones! 😉
[*] Bounty update – from this moment Bounties such as “cata monsters slay or bosses” will work in new way:
– Bounty quests will start upon logging to game
– When player finish Easy task – will receive automatically reward + will be granted with Elite version of Bounty for this certain task (e.g. after easy cata Elite cata will begin, after Elite Boss Super Boss bounty begin)
– When player start elite or super bounty tasks – it will NOT reset upon login even when day pass! Examples: If you finish easy cata and elite cata will start – it will hang on your bounty task until you finish it! If today you wont finish elite, then if you do any next day it will provide you reward and upon next login you will be granted again with easy task (means that Only if you are finished with easy/elite/super tasks then you will be granted with new easy task during 00:00 reset! – So yes only easy tasks will reset on 00:00 – and you will be able again to gain elite/super after finish easy etc etc etc ;))
[*] Genesis Stones and God Tears Items update – new Genesis Bags and GodTears bag implemented. This should help to store these items in bigger amounts (e.g. solution for events like machine dragon where many of such items dropping). Genesis Stone bags are stack able till 1.000 amounts.
[*] Bigger order in EPs Shard SHOP (buying shards and unixes via EPs). After maintenance Shop will offer LOWERED prices for higher unixes and shards like CS… Additionally will offer possibility to buy 100 FOLLOWER Shards for the price of 500 EPs (=50 EPs Shard)!
[*] Divine Lands Drop update – monsters will be giving better chance on divine lands to provide god souls and other shards like divine skill/egg.
[*] STONE Shops update! From now on RedStone/Yellow/Violet stones shop at market zone will be giving ability to exchange into 10x/20x Exp Potions and 5x GodExp Pots!
[*] BOSS update! All bosses will be re-spawning now 2 TIMES FASTER! Means more more often killing and more gems/stones!
[*] SPIRITS Update: Chance of forging lvl 1/2/17  spirits updated to be little easier!(In short: chance to gain lvl 6 and 9 spirits from lvl1 increased little, ass well chance of making lvl 18 from two lvl17 increased from 48% to 51%!) Please check here new exact probabilities: SPIRITS
[*] GOD SOUL SHARDS Shop update! Prices for certain items (aka genesis stones…) changed to be “lower” and “better” fitting the balance 😉
[*] Event/quests updated to provide drops with new items in bags (god tear bag, genesis bags …)

[*] Unlocking items time – changed to be 0 😉 Instant ? 😛
[*] Legion Land rewarding – upon damaging Pole and Shield player will be receiving 2 times more Gold and EPs per 1 damage given!
[*] Power Def factors update for PVP and PVM: please check recent forms here: BATTLE POWERS FACTORS
[*] SPIRITS updates:
* all BP bonuses from spirits are placed on original shape – so now yes all over lvl 10 will give more BPs until 65 BP for lvl 18!
* Stack amounts for each spirit increased from 15 to 50 – Enjoy 😉
[*] VIP Rewarder NPC Update!
– VIP 6 daily claims from now: 300 EPs + 15 x Universal 12* + (depending on GPP amount) 1 x 20* or GPP/10 x 20* universalXO (e.g. player with 33 GPP will gain 3x unix 20*)
– VIP 7 daily claims from now: 500 EPs + 25 x Universal 12* + (depending on GPP amount) 2 x 20* or GPP/10 x 25* universalXO (e.g. player with 53 GPP will gain 5x unix 25*)
[*] New item Boosters – 10x Exp potion / 20x Exp potion and 5x God Exp potion!
– 10/20 Exp boosters are available inside Item/Gear Shop – their usage is same like 2/3 exp potions (just with lower amount of time!)
– x5 God Exp Potion – is available to obain via God Soul Shard (at its shop). It can be only used while being at divine land! It last only 5 minutes and provided 5x Exp boost.  As well this item can randomly drop from monsters at divine lands…
[*] New item – random refined item – just simple item pack that after opening will provide random refined gem (amber/citrine/beryl or sapphire).
[*] New function item under DS Shop – Short Cutter. Its providing ability to open gems stacker (like gem factory) from anyplace (via item hit).
[*] God Tear item – reduced price under Item/Gear Shop = from 5.000 Item shards to just 2.000 Item Shards!
[*] MINIMAP spots – all Divine Lands bosses (that recently lost visibility at minimap when boss is born) – after closest patch SPAWN SPOTS will be visible at minimap as Yellow Dots – so just you will know where to search around for bosses there 😉
Small Explanation: On live mini icons of monsters at minimaps – they are cool and useful and helpful BUT in same time VERY VERY STRESSFUL for Server CPU 🙁 (Very!). Thats why amounts of monsters/bosses/beasts with this functions are controlled (to prevent the lags some of you felt for moments recently).
[*] Beasts update: amount of Max spawns for certain moment changed to: 15 per old lands  / 7 for elysium /5 for bloomgarden and 3 for ragnarok = total 40 that can exist at one time!
[*] New FEATURE -> MACHINE DRAGON EVENT: please check details here: MACHINE DRAGON EVENT!
[*] Beasts Update: EPs amount recived for slayed beast increased (each beast +20 eps will give then normal!)
[*] BOUNTIES TASKS arrived! Under Quest Log and fast tasks panel arrived new daily tasks to be done for additional rewards (kill XXX cata monsters, icemaze, bosses, beasts etc!) Thanks the help of Sweetcandy! 🙂

[*] Gold Drop update = more gold piles drop and little more amounts
[*] Call of darkness skill for necro class – again back at skill shop
[*] DS Shop update:
– some mounts prices were nerfed (the ones that was between 350-450 DS  to be just 300 DS like all other mounts!)
– Spirit lvl 6 were removed from DS Shop – Spirit lvl9 were placed for price 200 DS (this way will have more sense and usage!)
[*] Black Cheetah Mount Update – before it was kind of saint type. Now Black Cheetah has Exactly Same way of rising like BambooWalker! Yes they are same in stats and compose ways! Additionally price for this mount for DS is now just 300DS.
[*] Metoer Fire skill fix – there was problem on leveling this skill to max lvl 5 – now shouldnt be!
[*] Bosses at DivineLands – Lost their ability to be visible at Minimap – this was made in order to release cpu possible stress in future 😉
[*] Reflect skill further adjustments = chance of being cursed by this from monsters lowered to max 15%. Time for keeping effect lowered to be max 15 seconds. Dmg reflected nerfed to be max 1-5% only.

[*] Small adjustments under Beast Drop: Like no more Unix8* – instead will drop 12* etc…
[*] Update under Goddess caves – last 2 caves bosses little nerfed in HP and Def (so will be little faster killing).
[*] Reflect skill on ice maze and goddess cave monsters nerfed to provide lower % dmg back …
[*] Update under Eudemons Crystal – the one that is stacking – will be usable fully while composing pets (will be taken from bag ;))
[*] Small adjustments under many other aspects ….

[*] New Old Dragon Cave Quest – thanks to our player help we manage to resurrect one of oldest eudemons quest: Dragon Cave
[*] BEAST Addon arrived! From today on server will be spawning Beasts on all maps (Beasts are divided on Old Lands Beasts and Divine Beasts that spawns only at divine lands!).
– Every 2.000 monsters kills at Old Lands (all hunting maps besides divine lands) 1 Beast will spawn randomly at: Island/LostLand/CataMaze/Volcano/IceMaze
– Every 2.000 monsters kills at DIVINE LANDS (Elysium/BloomingGarden/Ragnarok) 1 Beast will spawn randomly at: Elysium/BloomingGarden/Ragnarok
– Counter of actual kills for certain land is located upon market entry – Yes the Big Cross of graveyard 😉
– Every Beast kill will provide great random drop (there are 4 layers of rewards so all depends on luck + beast hardness!)
– Every Beast kill has 20%-50% chance to spawn another Beast level higher(harder/stronger/better drop chance)
– There are 18 total type of Beasts! 6 level types of Old Beasts and 4 level beasts for each divine map!
– At one moment there can be only maximum 30 Beasts spawned at Old Lands and 10 Divine Beasts for each Divine land! So max base Beasts total can be 60 at one time! Attention: Beasts counter does not calculate respawned higher level beasts!
– ALL Beasts will be visible at MINIMAP – thats for good start 😉
[*] Some Quest Log updates – we are begining the trip to attach current and incomming Quests/Tasks into Quest logs – for easier access and preview 😉
[*] Some fixes under chat windows…
[*] New LOGIN TOOL – we released new simple logintool today. Its functions minimize to start the game with autopatcher or without + providing fast easy access to registration panel/edit and rankings… As well Contact form in simple way – for easier contact from players. Any feedbacks are welcome 😉

[*] Silent Lands – some mobs power adjustments
[*] Xmas gifting Tree – Saint Bear under Xmas shop were removed. Saint Bear is provided with 35* with PP as gift to everyone who claim Tree gift within Xmas time 🙂
[*] Spirit lvl 6 removed from DS Shop.

[*] Small update under LW SHOP
[*] RainbowPegasus update – Will receive ability to FLY!
[*] FIX hurricaine skill – will be possible now to upgrade it to last max lvl
[*] XMAS EVENTS started – applied Xmas Thief + Xmas shard rains events!

[*] Scary Soul Weapons Fix: fix for saint level of skills (such as saint bloody tornado…) when wearing Scary type of weapon skins. Problem was: effects and dmg when hitting was not showing – after fix all will work proeprly 😉
[*] Matk Type Demons Update: AuroraViolet, MageAria, SanaSnow, Fantasy~Emissary, Naga, Dragon~Ian, Ophir, White~Snake, Sagar type of demons become able to  CONVERGE! All the listed types does not rise in HP.
[*] Lulu egg price updated – increased to 10.000 Egg Shards. (Reason: was to cheap comparing to matk type of demons from the good ones pack).
[*]  MATERIAL items for goddess/servants such as: Spirit Sand, Relic Seal, Dinas Bone, Beast Backbone, Bone Fossil, Beast Bone, Wooden Beast, Beast Amber, Sand Crystal, Mystic Crystal, Holy Stone Piece, Seal Fragment, Beast Spirit, Beast Dust, Pure Dew, Reborn Potion, Soul Spring, Sad Eye, Holy Water, Netherstone, Crackle Crystal, Startear Crystal, Skystone, Dawn Stone, Essence Crystal, Pure Essence, Tear Crystal, Sage Spirit, Holy Feather, Holy Oracle Were MOVED to another Bag TAB – Shards Tab will be left Only for SHARDS and Task tab will function as place for Materials as well!
[*] Goddess Update: 3rd Goddess (of Victory) requirements to awaken changed to: 125 lvl + 1 God Lvl as minimum in order to open!
[*] Artifacts items: Berserk horn, Mithril Crown, Potency Rune – price in Gear Shop updated: From 5k Item Shards to only 2.000 Item shards as cost!
[*] New Item Smelt Symbol Bag – container (max 1000 per bag) for Smelt symbols items (items required for 3rd socket creation).  God Soul Shop will be selling this Bag item as well all drops in game will be based on this bag. All Smelt Stones that exist will be not possible to put into Bag – bag will work on any new gains.
[*] Ice Maze update – icemaze map received additional upgrade under +exp gaining! True is that only strongest players can hunt there – but possible gains should be beneficial vs the effort 😉
[*] Divine Lands Bosses (Minotaur/Hydra/Cerberus) Drop update:
– Minotaur new possible drop: 20* unix as chance, Smelt Stones/God Tears and Oracle Stones will be more visible as chance of drop. Few follower shards instead of 1 can drop! Rare drop chance: 15%
– Hydra new possible drop: 20* unix as chance, Smelt Stones/God Tears and Oracle Stones will be more visible as chance of drop. Few follower shards instead of 1 can drop! Rare drop chance: 20%
– Cerberus new possible drop: 20*/25 unix as some chance, Smelt Stones/God Tears and Oracle Stones will be more visible as chance of drop. Few follower shards instead of 1 can drop! Rare drop chance: 33%
[*] PK Tournament UPDATES:
– PKT Caps are switching from Level way of caps into GPP ways of caps! Please check more here about the caps division: PKT
– PKT rewarding with EPs while switching stages slightly increased by 20-30%. Rememeber: You dont need to win PKT to earn EPs -by participating nad surviving enough long through the stages you will be rewarded with free EPS!

[*] Tomb of Faith update/adjustment:
– Tomb of Faith is possible to do max 3 times per day by each player.
– Possibility to enter Tomb of Faith depend on player GPP (Global Player Power) Refer to details here: GPP
– Each difficulty require certain amount of GPP to start the instance
– Drop on Faith Tomb little adjusted
[*] FOCUS LAND – New daily task released. Please check more details here: FOCUS LAND
[*] GPP – Global Player Power ranking system – please refer to details here: GPP
[*] GODDESS and SERVANTS. Yes finally released. Please check details here: GODDESS and SERVANTS

[*] Tomb of Faith update/adjustment:
[*] Other small changes aka fixes only here… For now nothig bigger – preparation of bigger patch containing new taks and stuff is being built to provide into game in calm 😉

[*] Tomb of Faith update/adjustment:
– Lowered again monsters and bosses defenses
– Drop upgraded again (more unixes and better provided as minimum reward for boss kill. Remember that as higher difficulty as better unixes are provided and more chance to get more per boss kill)
[*] Elysium update – monsters on elysium little modernized under def and dmg giving (to fit better all classes). First monsters on this map “nearance” are easiest and aimed this way for fresh God status makers.
[*] Hereditary Knight update – SpiritMicah and SpiritSadie will be now possible to appoint as Hereditary Knight under Knight Table! Both demons are available at Egg Shards Shop
[*] Flying Ability activated for chosen mounts: [AVAILABLE WHEN MOUNT achieve 50*!]
GlacialWing, Frostwind, JadeWyvern, MagicAntylope, AlpacaNemo, EagleSorronda, BlazingWing, Emberheart, GoldenPegasus, CrystalPegasus, Skybreaker, EmberWyvern, SacredAntylope, AlpacaNova, ImmortalPhoenix, DragonOzachy, FeatherGalina, Aidos, Laird, PurpleWingDragon, PurpleWingIrena
[*] GEMSTONE FACTORY Update – From today will be possible to Stack Refined GEMS (such as: refined amber. refined amethyst, refined citrines, refined beryls, refined sapphire) to STACK into 10 pack. Since Super gems require 30 refined gems – this 10 stacks should help to save WH/BAG until gathered full 30 😉
[*] Fix for chat isssue – players entering game often happen to be not visible when try to whisper or talk.
[*] Monsters Spawn at Cronus increased.
[*] Auto Exp Gain update – from today exp gaining in automatic way will be happening only when Gods Blessing will be ON (Still auto exping is not used for demons but only on characters)
[*] Fix for MdefPdef Demons under Exp Gaining – will receive EXP like any other demon!
[*] Demons EXP update – exp gained by demons via ExpBalls an Crystals increased (100% on crystals and 35% on expballs).
[*] ICE MAZE Map Upgrade:
– Amount of monsters on ice maze modernized (new added and more)
– Monsters exp boosted – to aim as Exp base map – Current Exp from IceMaze monsters is 2x Exp as Cata monsters!
– Drop under icemaze monsters – pretty same like catamaze etc…
– All icemaze monsters besides providing normal dmg – received: 20% chance on every hit to curse player with Reflection (Reflection status lasting 30 secoonds, during this time all damage provided by player to monsters will be given back in 5% amount). So be careful – dont allow yourself to be hurt!
– All icemaze monsters are under 600 Battle Level – this means player should be at least around 600 BP to grind there!  (Please refer to this topic: PVM DMG – and check current PVM settings basing on BP player and battle level monsters difference!

[*] Tomb of Faith first update/adjustment:
– Defense of monsters/bosses lowered to fit better faster killing
– monsters Look on last stages changed to be less sparky with effect – so wont be making pc/lap stress problems (hope will be enough)
– Drop rate – added additional drop layer to provide way better results on boss kills 😉
[*] Elysium Nearance monsters – little lowered in power …

[*] Compose Shards removed from Donor Shops – decided that there wont be in DS shop option to buy this shard. It was still now limited per amount but now CS wont be there at all.
[*] First Daily task released: TOMB of FAITH – tried to provide today 2 quests but simply doing alone tests + adjustments – its additonal time besides creation that didnt allow me on this 🙁 So for now this first one – and next will be given on Sunday….

[*] Beast Boxes and SUPER AMBERS updaes – as this box was placed for now as first show … gaining super ambers from it way that happend wassnt aimed. Thats why sorry to the few players who used eps to gain all rewards from inside along with super ambers mainly – all super ambers receicved this way was nerfed to Refined – all who won super can request Full EPs back (OR even RED Stones that used to buy them if will wish OR just suggest to be happy in reasonable way) for opening these boxes. Mainly THIS action was taken as bug in some way and for the sake of server future was fixed! Case handled proeperly 🙂
[*] Under Current Drop system only normal boxes (and rarely refined) will drop currently. Boxes will be aimed to be moved as drop from quests and daily tasks 😉 So current grinding and gaining them is kind of preview and event until quests and tasks with them appear (more then soon now) 😉

[*] Inside patch 2021 was introduced new Item type – Saint Blessing +1 and + 5. Its function allows to provide additional reborns on demons along with star points. E.G. Saint Blessing +1 provides to pet +1 additional reborn and +5 Star points – Max usage per 1 pet 1.000 additional reborns – So maximum additional star points per pet from this = 50*.
Item for now is obtainable from certain Boxes under Gods Treasure (mostly BeastBoxes from incomming beasts ;)) type and as PKT possible reward to exchange at PKT shop.
[*] Frost Blast skill update – skill exp required to level up lowered to fit this skill reality 😉
[*] Update for new accounts – on character creation player will be equipped from start with Super quality PP gears – so can use it until be ready to get better one 😉
[*] Ragnarok GOLD drop fix to fit rest maps same rules
[*] Bigger Update under Egg and Divine Egg Shards Shops. All old special pets from Divine Egg Shards shop were moved into Egg Shards shop (priced 1000 egg shards per each). Under Divine Egg Shards Shop will be placed only as additional obtain way most expensive eggs such: Wolf mounts, purple dragon/irena, sorronda, bambowalker, bikes cards… Mainly Divine eggs shards will be alternative way to obtain these eggs besides via normal eggs shards.
[*] Redesign under GemStone FACTORY NPC/SHOP. GEMSTONE Factory will just be dealing with stones and gems upgrades/stacking – New 3 Shops will appear at MARKET ZONE – each shop will be offering some options to exchange RedStones/Violets/Yellows for something else.
[*] BOSS drop again upgraded. Happy Boss Hunting for stones/gems! 🙂
[*] Unix boxes updated under level requirement. All unixes between 3-8* will not require any level. Unix 12* will need lvl 80. Unix 20* lvl 110 and Unix 25* and higher level 125 to open.

Patch 2021
[*] Dragon Dance XP Skill for Necromancer Fix – problem: when player used this XP skill when mounted, when it finished player couldnt see mount until remounted (but other players see the mount). Fix will eliminate this problem – when XP will be over player will sit back on mount properly.
[*] CataMaze will be mountable – so no more problems when umounted there
[*] GOLD DROP Update – old gold drop will no longer stay. New way will drop less gold piles but if will will drop in better amounts depending on maps (on higher maps can drop even few hundred thousand gold per pile!
[*] GAINER LAND updates:
– Time required for searching totems decreased
– After successful move searching – player will be placed back on old spot with FULL XP ready to use right away
[*] Ragnarok map further upgrades. Another redesign under mobs spawns there…
[*] New NPC handling Universals Upgrades. UNIX UPGRADER (at market near Compose NPC) will be possible to upgrade universals from 3* till 25* – so gathering all lower unixes will have proper usage fro everyone (low unixes for easier composing low starred pets – mostly for new players easier) and veterans can gather them for reforge!
[*] New brand Gods Treasure Type boxes implemented to game.
– NewbieBoxes – obtainable from monsters when hunting with lower BP then 400 (exist only on old lands!)
– KillerBoxes – obtainable from monsters on all maps (old lands and divine lands)
– DivineBoxes – obtainable additionally from monsters on Divine Lands
– BeastBoxes – Droppable from all kind of Beasts.
All listed boxes exist in 5 qualities – Normal/Refined/Unique/Elite/Super. As better quality as better possible gain from it. Normal boxes are possible to upgrade to Super at Market Zone (new NPC). For each 12 Normal boxes can be obtained 1 Super – So its player full decision if will wish to upgrade to super or do one by one on lower quality.
All boxes besides NewbieBoxes provided option to buy out All rewards via EPs!
[*] PKT Shops (daily and Weekly) received Updated under Possible Rewards
[*] Exp gaining on lower maps redesigned. Lower maps like misty gobi iceland iceland etc will be providing more exp on kills.. Simply All maps boosted. (Higher level players can not feel bigger difference as his level can be to high for these maps to gain real visible exp!)

[*] Big Change – because of often appearing problems with Logintool (lt.exe) we decided to abandon This one totally. Soon will be provided simplest LT just to give easier way to start game. For now by just starting game via file DEMONS ONLINE 2.0 START.exe will automatically open login screen. In any ever problems comming from autopatching (dont work etc) – just in case inside game folder we are leaving SkipAutopatch.exe file.
DEMONS ONLINE 2.0 START.exe – START game always – in need will autopatch automatically
SkipAutopatch.exe – use this in any problems with autopatcher (but still always keep eye to download latest patches manually form website!).

[*] UPDATES under SPIRITs!:
– Max Spirits Packs will be 15 amount (not like before 99).
– Bonus provided as BP from spirits changed:
Before changes spirits were giving: 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 17 20 24 28 35 43 54 60 BP bonuses each lvl
NEW way: 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 25 28 31 35
New way mostly affecting the highest spirits. These amounts are for now nerfed to fit current server BP gaining rate! When server will be rising in starts – spirits will receive Upgrade on getting addiotional BP – aiming to set old ways – possible time? months. This means your best spirits in future can only get better 😉
– other spirit change is on forging from lvl17 to lvl18 – CHANCE to make this happen currently are set to be: 48% EXACTLY
[*] Under recent Spirit possibilities – POWER FACTORS under BP changed to new ways. Please check the subject about this.

[*] Mana Spring price for Item|Gear Shards lowered from 200 shards to 100 shards
[*] Prices for Elemental Control skills changed as: elemental skill book cost 1,5 Divine Shards and rest books supporting elemental are for 500 shards each.

[*] Again additional little more spawns provided on Ragnarok map
[*] Battle Power power/def adjustments. Please check details here: POWER FACTORS
[*] Small update under LoginTool – some part of LT code was removed in order to avoid some antymalwares/antiviruses to see it as dangerous – new version has clear code that all such anty softs will easily check and confirm its harmless – so new version shouldn’t be even needed to put as exception no more 😉
[*] Small update for LVL18 SPIRIT – small modification under chance for this last lvl Only – rest is based on same rate like Chinese official ver. Details here: SPIRIT

[*] Skills like FlyingChop,ChainChop,SoulCrusher etc (all based on multi patk hits) on all classes received small update under range (every level will provide +1 range to current base range which). This way player wont need to get totally close to other player.
[*] Skills like SoulCusher and few other similar received small update (might be not even visible by most) under delays – they wont anymore make enemy unable totally to answer.
[*] Burning Moon Skill for Warriors received update – no longer will require SP to use it!

[*] Again spawns at bloomgardern and ragnorok proeprly increased!
[*] Elemental forging fully implemented. Here is guide: ELEMENTAL FORGING
[*]  Updates under DEMONS:
– All Demons received by Default 150 LUCK
– All Normal demons received Fix for hatching Minor attributes – this means on born they will be mostly born with best or close to best minor attribute (GR attribute in which is not rising on compose to be clear!). This should bring proper HP and other attributes for other as well nice demons!
[*] New DST-PP item and SHOP for it. Here details: DST-PP SHOP

[*] Bloom Garden and Ragnarok maps received updated Spawns!
[*] EPs SHOP updated in prices (lowered)
[*] Composer Shop – Updated with Prices (lowered)
[*] God Soul Shard Shop – moved back to market (appears most players under lvl 110 dont realize it exist!)
[*] Got Tears are now under cheaper price for God Soul Shards + under Gear shop for 5.000 Item Shards
[*] Prices under God Soul Shards shop adjusted and lowered
[*] Gear Shard SHOP – available gear was remodeled – now Normal quality gears are available for price of just 10 Item Shards. gear boxes are available from Box 3 only
[*] GEAR ELEMENTS Development Update! New way: Upgrading GEAR under Quality (reds, godtears) will make 80% chance to gain +7 Elements on gear part. This way player starting from upgrading gear with normal quality can achieve elements till +49 even!
[*] Boss chance to Drop Stones increased slightly (so making super red stones as example wont take long)
[*] Mount Egg Shop – Bamboo walker price increased to 40k shards
[*] Egg Shard Shop – this shop received New demon – BeastMaster (normally was available Only via DS Shop). Now its available as well for Egg Shards (40k amount) – This pet can be solution for all matk type classes!

[*] PK room fix – again properly available for usage
[*] Gainer Land small addons:
* teleporting to map will be made after 1 second of finding gainer land after kill – progress bar will be seen (this should allow additional stress on move)
* finding gainer land will be possible when player has at least 300+ kills under anty cheat system notice.
* Any gainer land teleport will reset Anty cheat score to 0 😉
* On teleport to Gainer land You will receive HINT for moment – look closely as it will tell you at which land proper totem is placed!
[*] Prices for Elemental skills and ray stricken for MAGE lowered at shop
[*] Elemental skills and ray stricken for mage requirements lowered from 130 to 125
[*] Update – whenever player will teleport on new map – all his summoned demons (summoned not converged!) will be unsummoned automatically

[*] Price for spec Exp ball lowered from 50 to 10 CS
[*] More adjustments under cata mobs – spawns again little modified 😉
[*] New Addon “Gainer Land”:
While grinding there is chance (requirements: Level 80 and higher + anty cheat kills over 300 already) to be teleported right away into Gainer Land. On this land your aim is to find PROPER NPC that will provide Reward. 2 from 3 NPCs are false – there Little difference between Good and Bad NPC – so find learn and get use to 😉
On this land JUMPING is REQUIRED! So ensure you will have MOUNT that you will use as ACROBAT!
On land there will be possible to find SP recovery
Your time limit = 3minutes – use this wisely 😉
[*] Grinder Addon – during hunting its possible that monster will drop DARK CHEST
When you try to open it – your char will be protected for 12 seconds
Time to open chest round between 3 and 10 seconds
If you fail to open 3 times within openinig condition – chest will dissapear
If you properly open you can win some random addiotnal rewards like item shards, casual shards, moount shards and even CS shards!
[*]PK ROOM (test your powers calling your enemies!)
[*] PKT (daily weekly and monthly) available under 3 current caps.
New PKT Shops at market Zone
!To be done still: Will be added in days option to ressurect 1-3 times per event
[*] EPs Shard Addon
There is New NPC at market and 2 new NPCs at market Zone map. All handling exchnages between EPs Eps Shards and other Shards.
[*] Legion Wars
On next LW defenders will be gaining EPs while defending castle
Monsters will be spawning under castle – will be able to provide additional rewwards
Daily Rewards will be given to members dependng on positon (limited for now to 10 rewards per day for winner)
New LW Shop at Market Zone
more goodies to arrive
[*] More loads of small updates (graphic, translations etc)

[*] Bosses on divine lands brought back
[*] Fix appointment under cavalier for some demons
[*] UPDATE under Compose RATE – all composes made with at least 6* unixes required will be giving little more rise – this way will be more visible progress 😉

[*] Adjustments under skills – yes little more – adjust under skills Ranges… some skills like aoe were limited max to 12 grids and some skills like chainchop kind till 13 grids max.
[*] Adjustments under Legion War Gates
[*] Deep work on PK room, PKT and many more…

[*] New system added – when crossing certain level player will gain automatically into bag (or mail if bag full) rewards like shard boxes or even gear boxes (lower player levels). Players over 124 will be gaining every level free 3xboxes with 100xCS inside 😉 Additional reason to level up 😉
[*] Cronus Boss remodeled – new spots and more proper spawns provided.
[*] 2x/3x EXP potions fully remodel – you wont be able now to use again 2x or 3x potions when 1 is under usage. When entering Divine Lands under EXP boost usage you will be asked first if wish to enter if effect will be found on you. Additionally EXP BOOSTER effect will now last even if maintenance happen – it will be removed from player when proper time pass or player will remove it by own!
[*] Some additional small fixes/adjustments and translations…

[*] Updates under all patk rising demons obtainable via special egg shards – updated to be convergable!
[*] Daily Events released.
[*] Some addons and adjustments with fixes 🙂 (example: phoenixberserk XP skill for pal upgraded to be better usable, saint defensive circle fix etc)
[*] EVENTS VOTER released – you can now daily vote for additional 4 types of events during daily grinding!

[*] DIVINE ADDON released! For now few infomration: You can proceed with Divine Quest after you make level 110 + posses demon over 40*! having this head to GOD SQUARE (portal at Cronus). There first NPC can provide you with quest – BUT its NOT FREE! Each Quest attempt will cost you 25 EPs or 2.000.000 GOLD (Your choice). Quest is simple but you must be careful. Your only aim will be to cross map from bottom to top till reaching promtion NPC + avoiding all guards in the way. If you make mistake you will DIE and will be removed from map and you will have to start again (along with paying the fee!).
Currently there are 3 Divine hunting maps provided. Elysium, Blooming Garden and Ragnarok. First 2 will provide divine exp along with hunting, ragnarok will provide both type of exp (yes you can grind on ragnarok normal + divine exp and divine items!).
On each divine maps are spawninig Bosses (every 20 minutes). Their drops is random but precious (along with divine exp you will gain for slay).
Divine Lands monsters are HARD! You must prepare before grinding there. Good Gear (elements as bigger as better, pdef from gear, gems with def etc) + Converged Demon as first defense (together with character pdef and high pet pdef will make you harder to kill! HP is good as well so pet wont lose fast whole hp!) and LEVEL – suggested to not gring on higher level mobs then your level as this will mean mostly fast death.
On Divine Lands dropping all kind of divine shards (Divine Skill shards, God Soul Shards, Divine Egg Shards) and some normal but lower and not all (item gear and compose shards).
[*] Old maps received small upgrade under amount of monsters spawned.

[*] DS Shop received additional information – ability to contact PM, to check details about certain donor pet rise etc…
[*] Changes under Registrations and similar: Currently its possible to register max 10 accounts from same IP and 5 under same email. Option to delete characters inside game is turned off for now until proper need appear.
[*] Making Business Partner – will require now 1 day to be completed!

[*] Fix for few skills – problem happeened on few skills like windbead – when leveled over 3 lvl – was not visible. 2005 patch fixing this issue.
[*] Added additional newbie gift for everyone – ManaSpring as Gift one time provided on login to game.
[*] Curse Storm skill for necro fix – damage given adjusted within time of raining 😉
[*] 3 demons updated: Socorro, Ferris, Jewel (all available via divine eggs in market shop). From now on these demons will be Convergable + possible to appoint under Necro Knight!
[*] Additional fixes on few maps spots – added NPC teleporters near problematic spots – so on stuck can use them by hand 😉
[*] Fantasy Spirit demon received properly working CROWN Ranking

[*] Skills updates – some skills were adjusted under damages. Some Skills received additional levels. Necro class received few new skills (divined by Necro and Wizard form). Some skills were adjusted under Experience required for leveling up. Some skills were removed(Pneuma Mist as example or War Cry). Skill Book Shop got little changes under prices and availability books. Additionally adjustments under Starting skills happened (skills with which new players willl start). Please report any issues 😉
Under this update part – all Skills was cleaned under EXP points (had to but dont expect happening this again;)) + levels back to 1!
[*] Bugfixes for few skills translations and special status effects…
[*] Update under COMBINING GEMS – combining via forge panel was turned off – this function exist via 2 NPCs: GEMSTONE FACTORY and Charles Gem Embeder – both at market 😉
[*] Beasts spawned from hunting received update – there can be max 7 beasts at max on certain map! If will be more spawned all will be pruned! This will remain maps cleaned from not slayed spawns.

[*] Halloween Beasts small update – blocked ability to spawn at Cronus and near players under level 60. Main spawn rate lightly decreased.
[*] Few updates under donor demons – each will start with 350 INI (all born updated) and some adjustments under HP Gr (increasth worth for all dmeons and decreased for wukong spirit)

[*] Fix for mounts – few mounts couldnt be attach as Acrobat – fix applied
[*] New Halloween Beast Pumpin event released
[*] New TOTAL KILLING point system attached!
[*] PK function – till now when died while being red or black (or red blinking) player could lose gear even if was locked! (was dropping on ground). After maint this will change. White and red players wont be able to drop anything. When killed by monsters wont drop anything. When killed when being black will as well NOT be able to drop ANY equipped gear. This means being killed as black can only provide chance to loose some items from bag (items like gems stones etc as example ;)). So yeah shouldnt be anymore loses of precious gears!
[*] Update – UNLOCK on equipment will be finished in 1 day only (was 3 before)
[*] CRONUS and MISTY Marsh maps will be NOT PKable maps from now on!
[*] Client FIX – there was some troubles with viewing not learned yet skills via skill panel – was giving lags and errors- after 2003 patch should be all fine 😉

[*] FIX for training ground map – when training wont eat MP or SP anymore
[*] FIX of Aries Muba – there was issue with seeing the pet when summoned – maint fixing this 😉
[*] FIX for all mounts – when mount will become thunder race there wont be anymore issues with ability to mount!
[*] FIX for all convergable matkgr rising demons – when becoming thunder race will still be convergable like before thunder! No problems anymore here!
[*] Update of Donation demons – all donor pets will grow in HP-Gr (about these that didnt till now). All will born with maxed INI attributes. All will born with 10* rarity. All are convergable. All donor pets max REBORN = 3000 (additional reborns will be possible to make after using reborn spheres on demons!). Additionally in plans: special skills for donor pets and possible special talents to achieve.
[*] LEGION WAR update. After today first LW new rules will start:
– Legion Wars will happen every Wednesday and Saturday at 15:00 till 16:00 (yes 2 times per week).
– Legion Pole will be granting bigger amoount of GOLD depending on damage given
– Legion Shield still be granting EPs by damage provided (1 EPs provided for each 400.000k damage provided to shield! So total of 1.000 EPs to divide between hitters on every LW)
– Legion Pole HP: 200 000 000
– Legon Shield HP: 400 000 000
[*] GEMSTONE FACTORY Shop Update! Besides exchanging stones (redstones. yellows, violets) into super – now shop offering additional options like: exchange redstones nad super redstones for gold packs or even shards – check it out and continue hunting for bosses 😉
[*] Some minor fixes (e.g. BravePotion fix)
[*] Revive Potions placed into Item Shop (for Item|Gear Shards) – as well during legion wars buying via eps should work after death.
[*] Some small additional translations
[*] new NPC (INFORMATOR) placed at Cronus near market entry (298:418) – will give ability to move on website with details about updates (well this topic for now) and future guides and new addons describtions…

Additional maintenance:
[*] Additional fixes to donor pets + ALL donor pets will be rising under ALL types of KNIGHTS!
[*] NOBILITY cleaning. Because of first 2 days with gems priced high – some players sold them to rank up… Nobility will be pruned and proper amounts from plaeyrs removed – so will be proper shaped.

[*] NPC Gemstone Factory allowing now to exchange proper amount of normal stones (RedStones/Violets/Yellows) into Super forms!
[*] All demons that rising in Matk will receive skills: WindBead/Thunder/Lightning automatically after making 1 compose
[*] Some Demons upgraded to be able to Converge (for necro and other classes needs). List of Demons upgraded:
Sagitt.Behemoth, PandaPantica, BearZorro, Hades~Defender, Hades~Heir,  SpiritSadie, JazzyRabbit, RabbitLori, Sword.Spirit, Silver.Knight, Dwarf.Kinf, Lionheart.Knight, Deepwater.Witch, Beast.Master, Flying.Devil, Dark.Poetry, Cold.Shadow, Demon.King, Devourers
[*] Monster Spawning Adjustment – there are and will be some adjustments under monsters spawning on all maps to fit best balanced and no problem ways! So Expect some changes here still within time.
[*] Adjustment of Boss Drops – Bosses on all maps can drop all kind of Socket Gems, all kind of stones and sometimes SpecialExpBall and Unixes. Bosses on higher maps will be able to drop something extra…
[*] Added Daily packages – received on in game Mail everyday at login.
[*] Adjustment and addons for Newbie Gifts – new starting players will receive some helpful packages. This will be developed still – will arrive newbie packages that will be possible to open wthin certain Levels.
[*] GOLD Drop – there are and will be some adjustments in this part. Aim is not to many golds around but better in amounts.
[*] GOLD Items sells in shop – there was major update in this part. Many items like even gemstones were updated in gold prices whenever sold in shops. As well few other items – All to bring proper low balance on Gold as well.
[*] EGG shop update + Cleric – under egg shop there are 5 Eggs of Demons available for 5.000 Egg Shards – all these 5 demons can be attached as Cleric – ONLY these 5!
[*] Gear and Weapon Boxes – some updates in this part – lowered levels obtained when open (to fit low level players).

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